Where Can I Sell Online Free? Nowadays it is arguably one of the business fields that can be done with minimal capital. Of course, it can be utilized for free to be able to market its trades online. If indeed the free website has been utilized then the businesses can make even greater savings than their capital, so that it can be used from that start to open a store with other allocations.

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It aims to grow and improve the online business even bigger. There’s a lot of problems with voting on security grounds. So obviously here ordering a free website is also utilized as an online store to be able to save capital. If you intend to open an online stores, then below there is a free place or website that you can use to sell online

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You need to know for yourself it is indeed a blog that was initially used as one of the places for those who want to devote their heart content only, but on the other hand also in fact tasked to be developed further into an online stores.

Where Can I Sell Online Free?

The features of WordPress itself are as follows

Using wordpress then you no longer need to create a design yourself because it is the themes that you are already available so that you can choose

  • It will also be relatively easy for new users
  • Already available in Indonesian language models
  • There is already a community of wordpress users in Indonesia so you can wonder to them if there is anything less understandable.
  • It can also be said that the usage will be relatively easy for new users

In order for you to use WordPress then you must visit the site first after that follow a series of purchases and have been given there to create a free website in English. in addition it is free that needs to be added in its service this one will also offer paid features and a more attractive look when compared to free features.


Arguably this is one of the most similar website creations to wordpress, even some people say it is a rival, it is because a lot of people compare the features of the two directly. The main features that come from blogspot itself are the same as wordpress. However for those of you who are new users will certainly tend to be easier to use compared to wordpress.

As for one of blogspot’s own financial products is a limited service offered if used for online stores. If worpress you can use the theme according to your taste but different from blogspot in your own plane with the theme will be provided directly and can not be replaced by yourself. As for you to create an online stores using blogspot then it is mandatory to visit blogger.com. Then after that follow the content standards that are in the main menu that will certainly help you so that it makes it easier for the users to choose a match in Indonesian.


OSCommerce itself is indeed a website that is not so well known in Indonesia when compared to blogspot and WordPress. Unlike blogspot which is often used by bloggers to write, this site is specifically made for online stores. The main factors that oscommerce has are as follows

  • Offers convenience when opening a site
  • On the complete website is able to display its merchandise with various information needed by consumers
  • There is a community for oscommerce users who are very active in telling and explaining forms when difficulties are often experienced in their use
  • The cost of shipping taxes and goods that can be directly calculated through the site

Arguably the free sites grouped specifically for this online stores are less well known in the eyes of the public even in search engines like Google. So most of the public find it difficult to find products sold using oscommerce platforms. However, this site is so suitable for those of you who want to open an opportunity to sell with an online stores. You can use this site by visiting oscommerce.com. The services will certainly be provided by this so complete with paid facilities.


It is a website based on a free site that has often been known by the public. Therefore this platform is a free site that is currently widely used around the world. The features owned by joomla itself are as follows

  • It is quite easy and also simple to use even for those of you who are still classified as new users
  • Features a relatively complete display
  • There is an active community in Indonesia
  • Have virtualemart capital which will certainly make it easier for people in the creation of a complete online stores.

In order for you to use the online stores, you must first visit the joomla.org because the program download feature is also provided. After that you can follow the guidelines that are already provided in it. Arguably if this one is a site that is very much currently downloaded by people all over the world. So the availability of the guide is in English. In addition to the features that are free, joomla also offers a paid service with compensation features that tend to be more complex compared to free features for online stores.

Magento commerce

It can be said that this site is less well known in Indonesian society but magento is quite well known abroad. As a form of course that has now been awarded best open source Project, now in 2008 successfully released. Magento commerce after having the main features such as the following

  • Many features contained in magento commerce
  • Has lots of existing themes for free
  • Globally inactive communities available

If you want to move to another platform then there is already a tool that is efficient and effective enough to move all settings, so that there will not be a messy view on the new platform.

So that you can use magento commerce where it is good to have a little knowledge also in the field of informatics technology, defeated by its use is rather complicated. There are some paid services so not all of them are free. In order for you to use it, you have to access the magento commerce.com, after which you download the platform.

Those are some places that can be used for online sales hopefully the above information can be useful and thank you!!