Best Products To Sell To Make Money

Until now in Indonesia users rather than the internet itself have increased over the last few years even reached 93 million uses that by the end of 2015 itself. this has led the business to switch offline to an online business. this online business is constantly growing for longer in Indonesia.

Sell To Make Money

Many marketplaces, e-commerce, online Travel that are popping up a lot. Names such as Bhinneka, Tokopedia, Lazada and Bukalapak are some of the online buying and selling sites that have been widely used by indonesians. This is certainly thanks to the advancement of technology itself that has entered into various Lines in society. But it’s not just big companies that can run these online business opportunities, it’s also an online business opportunity.

A lot of small businesses and individuals who have limited capital then jump in and start to feel how good it is to do business online. There are also a lot of online businesses that have a lot of variety with opportunities that can be parachuted in. Some people often ask.

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  • What kind of online business is that? Is the online business itself a lot of its kind?
  • Then how exactly do I make money through an online business?
  • Then how do I start your own Online business?
  • In this article, the author will explain what online business means and how to make money from each of your business models.
  • There are 7 online business models that can be used

Knowledge of online business will help you choose which type of online business is suitable for you to build. That’s because there won’t be a suitable person in all lines of business there must be one that they think is suitable to run. Therefore here you have to find anywhere that fits and anywhere you have to diligently.

Online shop

It is fairly certain that this is an online business model that has been widely known and also known by the public. Most likely some of the people let alone you have also started shopping online in the online shop. Some of these organs are Lazada, Bhinneka and others and marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and others exist or even from small jammed websites originating from BBM, Facebook and so on.

Sell To Make Money

If you have started to jump into this business then it is necessary to determine in advance what products you want to sell where you will buy the goods at a cheaper price then sell them to other places as well. You can sell it at a relatively high price by taking a profit difference. Certainly when creating a business you have to have a special strategy to do in order to be able to compete with other big e-commerce players.

Service provider or sell services and expertise

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If the sale of the product already looks physical, you can also then jump into the online business by selling services such as Traveloka, in fact the platform sells ticket booking services and hotels. but surely it doesn’t have to be a company that big to sell services. as an example only if there have been serving website design services then clearly there can also sell that service online as well.

Business for printing services, book translator services, stamp making services, programs or other services and all of that you can obviously do online. even many people in Indonesia have sold their services through outsourcing websites that exist abroad as well as,,, and of course many others. the use of the website of course you can know the dollar money that if eaten has a high enough value.

Information bussines or selling information and knowledge

Basically when you dive into this business world then you will become an infopreneur. If you are good in the field or have the information and knowledge that bandung people really need then you can enter into this business model.
Public speakers, book authors, trainers, coaches, consultants and others of some kind will enter into the business capital of this information. but here it is not possible for you to be the author of books, speakers or traders that you can and plunge into this information business,

You can sell your knowledge, experience determine your information through various media that are already scattered in the community Such as ebooks, DVDs, audio CDs, online courses, webinars, Live workshops, or consulting services.

Affiliate marketing or selling other people’s products can earn commissions

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Most people often favor this one business model. In essence it is indeed a business model this one surely you can do to earn money. later this business model will give you commission on the sale of products done by you if successful.

Tools and systems / sell systems and tools

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If you know the mining business then mining businesses such as gold and coal, there is a lot of hope that can then be needed to do the mining process. this tool is very useful for a miner to carry out his or her mission. It will be the same with the online business industry, which often needs a roofing tool A software used to speed up your work so as not to spend time. Until now there have been many successful people who sell and make software tools and other support services as well as

  • Website themes, this allows there others can easily create a professional and good website.
  • Website plugins, add-ons and so on make it possible to be used by customers so as to improve sophistication and features rather than their website
  • Web based system & software where as a matter of administrative software or SEO software where you as a Customer can pay once or buy it on a monthly basis to be able to use this software.

Sell ads

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The business has an ad-based model, it feels like it’s a business that’s often seen and a lot of people know it. So you will later make it as can be so that with parents then sell advertising to companies or others who are interested.

Mobile apps on apple ios or Android

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Arguably if the current business model has become a trend because there are so many people and use these two devices to be able to communicate with each other.

Those are some things What can I sell to make money? may be useful !