What Are The Most Successful Small Businesses? Nowadays in Indonesia has become a trend for everyone to become an entrepreneur who can develop well. at first, the average business person will start from a small business first that has considerable prospects. there are even small businesses that are easy to open with field devices such as technology, culinary, education and so on.

10 Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Based on data obtained in 2017 alone in Indonesia its business has increased to 3.1% or 7.8 million people compared to the previous year which is only 1.6% only. of course with such significant growth this will prove that being an entrepreneur is certainly not a difficult thing and can be done by anyone. There is even an employee who can do it even if you are in the middle of a busy day of course that adjusts to your ability as well. Besides, their existing business no longer needs enough capital you can use minimal capital but have a decent profit. what effort can an employee make? after the law some examples of small businesses can be done by existing office employees.

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List of small businesses with considerable prospects

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Beverage franchise business

Arguably the franchise effort is one of those franchises that is so lucrative. Until now, this beverage business has been found in the midst of the community, especially in the capital’s shopping malls. There are various drinks that have been served ranging from fizzy drinks, milk, syrups, tea and so on

The beverage business, of course, besides Easy to craft also no longer requires such a large capital in order to run it. the average motor you will spend ranges from Rp1,000,000 to Rp3,000,000 with the price of pain can be between Rp2,000 to Rp5,000. if you rightly wear want to focus on this business then you can find ways about the idea of what beverage packaging business is currently in the middle of the trend.

Surely the price will be able to cover all circles both circles with X-rays = including to be able to buy the drink. If you have progressed your business already have experience on how the right strategy to run your business then you can hire others to keep the beverage stand that you sell. If this is not possible then you can choose the beverage business that has been given to each cooperative, corporate canteen or school canteen.

Electricity and credit token business

Almost everyone nowadays buys gadgets as one of their suggestions to be able to communicate. In every person who has the gadget, surely it is also very necessary to pulse to then be able to scavenge the ice. Arguably if the electricity tokens and pulses have very little profit. but if it is serious and many people who every day make credit purchases to you then most likely the profit also continues to exist.
in addition, there are also a lot of MLM business actors, where they run the credit products business to then get more profit. In addition, increasing the capital used will vary from Rp100 to Rp1,000,000..

This is one of the small businesses that can at any time be done again in adolescence until adulthood as long as they are indeed able to make transactions is this type of business. If you are working in an office and think creatively to sell credit to every employee from various conditions, surely some of them will see you as a credit seller in the office.
If the condition is so then you just stay I stay in the office while waiting for orders from your friends to come.

Online store business or dropship

Until now, online businesses are increasingly booming, so that anyone can walk without them out of their house or rent a place to sell. Therefore, this business is very suitable for employees to do. They then become resellers where many of the manufacturers provide dropship systems. in addition to the way it works it will be so with only armed with your smartphone to post against products that will be on social media. if this small business will have a promising profit if done seriously and also consistently. If you want to do this business it is best to do it during recess or after work.

Snack business

For those of you who are employees of course the snack business can be done by becoming a reseller first. most likely your co-workers will also be one of the targets to buy the products you sell. if they like you it is certain that the customer will be a loyal customer in the future. so that your business can be a business so tempting with so much profit.

Pastry sales business for the feast day

You could say that this business is so profitable and can be done by anyone including those of you who are office employees. As previously known, the feast day is a proper body where a lot of people start to get busy for later and all sorts for themselves or for the family. the cake dish is so good and also interesting not from their activities as a treat for the beloved family. therefore, this pastry business has become one of the most promising businesses, especially in the time leading up to the holiday. although it is also said that the seasonal business profit is also not inferior to the one that is always there at all times.

Laundry business

One of the other examples of business that you can do as an office employee is to open a laundry business. The capital needed to make a laundry business is ranging from 7 to 10 million Rp. That capital is enough for you to be able to buy a washing machine and other needs for laundry. The need for this practical age will certainly be very likely and will bring considerable benefits for you especially if you do laundry business near the campus or city. Because indeed this business needs people to be able to focus on an object so that the child can hire others with salaries ranging from Rp.500,000 to 1 million per month.

That some of the businesses that will be so successful can be done by anyone.