Villas for Sale In Ubud Bali since the Covid-19 pandemic, many villas and hotels have been sold at the Ubud Bali Resort. Villas located in the hills and valleys with beautiful views and cool air are sold at cheap prices. Villas located in the hills and valleys with beautiful views and cool air are sold at cheap prices. One of the best villas is Kayon which means a tree created by life and a secret that grows from earth to heaven. This villa is located only ten minutes drive from the tourist center of Ubud. Udud, which is famous for its enchanting five -star boutique resort, is designed in harmony with nature. The relief of Ramayana stories on the stone walls creates a romantic atmosphere.

Children under 15 years, seniors / people with mobility problems, durians and pets are not allowed at some resorts in Ubud as concept is set for Honeymoon, Romance, Healing, Relaxation & for safety reasons

Resort Ubud is where the secrets of human life can be found and romantic love stories created, with genuine Balinese hospitality.

Luxury Villa For Sale In Ubud With Exotic Views

Ubud is one of the tourist sites in Bali with a landscape and natural scenery that is perfect for holidays and honeymoon. The location of the jellyfish is on a high ground which has a panoramic view of the exotic rice fields, hills and valleys. The cool and clean air, tranquility and peace offered by Ubud make local and foreign tourists make Ubud their favorite tourist destination in Bali.

The following are villas and hotels in Ubud that provide attractive offers at affordable prices with five-star views and services. The villas that we describe below are not for sale but for short-term or long-term rental.

Viceroy Bali

Viceroy Bali Boutique Hotel, a 5-star resort in the tourist spot of Ubud which has 25 luxurious private swimming pools. Resort Viceroy Bali Boutique Hotel has incredible natural tropical valley views. This place is perfect for those of you who want to find a romantic, calm and luxurious atmosphere with your partner.

viceroy ubud Bali

The view at this resort is extraordinary, except for the rate which can drain your savings. But you don’t have to worry because what you spend is commensurate with the atmosphere and service offered. Viceroy Bali has also won many awards for its excellent service. The price for renting a room per night at Viceroy Bali starts from IDR 8,900,000.

Black Penny Ubud Villas

Black Penny Villas Ubud Bali is located amidst lush and green tropical forests. Equipped with complete facilities, this villa and hotel also offers luxurious rooms with private pools. The private pool also provides an exotic view overlooking the spectacular natural forest of Ubud.

black penny villa ubud

Alam Sembuwuk Resort Ubud

About 15 minutes drive from the tourist center of Ubud, this small hotel is called Alam Sembuwuk Resort Ubud which is one of the favorite hotels for a staycation in Ubud Bali. A rural atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making this accommodation perfect for those of you who want to find a calm atmosphere.

Villa Asri Sari Ubud

This resort offers rooms with complete facilities. The resort is also equipped with open-air restaurant facilities, and pick-up and drop-off services to Ubud, yoga classes, dance classes and trekking packages. Some rooms even have a private pool. If you stay here, don’t forget to try the spa services available here.

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Kamandalu Resort Ubud

Like a hidden resting palace flanked by lush natural forests of Ubud, rice fields, and the gurgling flow of the Petanu River below this resort. Villa Kamandalu consists of several exclusive villa units with contemporary Balinese architecture with an infinity pool style swimming pool overlooking the valley. There is a shared swimming pool that can be used by all guests to stay and there is also a private pool in each villa.

Kamandalu Resort Ubud

The location of this villa is located on Jl. Raya Andong, Banjar Nagi. One of the most strategic locations in Ubud. A hidden location to enjoy the serenity of your vacation. This villa is also not far from the center of the crowd and tourist attractions such as Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah, dan Tirta Empul. Kamandalu Resort Ubud opens prices at IDR 3 million per night. Interested?

Padma Resort Ubud

Padma Resort Ubud is a luxury resort filled with various interesting activities for you and your family. There are many outdoor activities offered by this resort, from cycling, jogging on the hillside, archery, angklung, to fruit picking in the resort’s garden. This is the right choice of resort if we invite the whole family.

padma resort ubud

The location of this villa is located in Banjar Carik, Payangan. Padma Resort Ubud is located about 6 km from Gunung Kawi Temple. A very soothing view of the forest, mountains and rice fields that stretch from the surrounding villages. This resort also provides a heated swimming pool, so there is no problem with the air being too cold to swim.

Padma Resort Ubud opens prices at IDR 2.6 million per night. Interested?

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Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa

Chapung Se Bali Resort is located on the hillside of Ubud Bali. Building made of wood, this villa offers a luxurious back to nature atmosphere. Chapung Se Bali Resort provides 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom villas and luxury residences with private pools, all of which offer private pools.

Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa