Types of Guest in Hospitality Industry

Types of guest who visit a hotel must have million different of personalities. A star quality hotel required not only to rent out rooms, but also have lot varieties of facility and service that can be offered. For this reason, every guest who visits must have their own goals and different way to fulfill what they need.

Generally, the first thing that every guest expects the moment they enter the hotel area is to get an excellent way of service. It’s important to have experience in how to dealing with and understanding the needs of the guests. It’s also possible for a guest to ask information about the available service, and it’s the duty of every hotel employees to give what the guest needs, even if it’s not in the area they have expertise.

Wrong steps when handling guest, can reduced the interest from a guest to visit again, and will likely gives a bad impression.

These are types of guest in hospitality industry you might need to know.

‘Anti-Slow’ Types of Guest

types of guest

This type of guest always demands to fulfill what they need quickly. Usually this types won’t hesitate to spend more money to get what they want to be immediately fulfilled. They also won’t take any excuse that might delays the service, such as error system while operating a program, or an insufficient number of staff to handle services.

To deal with this type of guest, here are some things you can do:

  1. Keep talking to the guest calmly, but also avoid unnecessary pleasantries. It’s enough to give a clear, precise and accurate information as they asked.
  2. Do not offers alternatives. This type of guest already knows exactly what they want. Avoid giving other options outside of their request, unless they are asking.
  3. Do what they want quickly and precisely. A slowly execution can cause the guests even more annoyed, and it will be even more frustrating if their requests aren’t done carefully and need repetition from the beginning of the process.

‘Attention Seeker’ Types of Guest

Unlike the earlier types, this type of guest usually doesn’t have a certain purpose when they visit. This type usually attracts other guests’ attentions by their way of dressing, or by speaking more loudly.

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This type of guest can be handle with:

  1. Just let them talk. This type really loves to telling you their stories, whether about their job, family, achievements, or their personal life. Avoid stopping them when they are talking, or comparing their story with someone else’s. They will think that you are rude kind of person.
  2. Show them that you are friendly and widely open kind of person. These are the personalities that every employees must require, especially every time they having interaction with the guest directly. There is nothing wrong to show your respond when this type of guest tells you a story. This indicates that you are providing the service sincerely, and pay fully attention to all guests who come.
  3. Give your opinion when they asked. Respond to what they say, either by giving personal opinions, or giving praise for what they say.
  4. Avoid being ignorant. This makes this type of guest feel disrespected, or feel that there are things more important than them.

‘Perfectionist’ Types of Guest

types of guest

This type of guest will greatly test the knowledge and insight from all hotel employees in understanding their work environment. These types tend to give very detailed questions before they decide what type of service that suits with their needs.

These are following things to do when dealing with this type of guest:

  1. Provide the information they need accordance with the facts without exaggeration. Avoid using the words like, “maybe..”, “probably”, “as far as I know”, or other words that show uncertainty.
  2. Instill trust in the services they ask for, such as money back guarantees, quality service guarantees, or certificates from reputable institutions that certify service security.
  3. Find out how much they know about the services they asked for, so that we can give them other information that they might not know. This types of guests won’t easily give their trust, so it’s you duty to make them believe.
  4. Avoid being not confident. Usually this is due to the lack of knowledge about services. Avoid talking that is not in accordance with the facts, and immediately direct this guest to customer service station, or ask your colleagues who might understand more about the service. Differences in information received by guests from one employee with another employee could cause the guests even more hesitant and cancel their request.

‘Conservative’ Types of Guest

types of guest

Conservative type of guests are those who don’t really like change. They prefer something conventional, and familiar to them.

This conservative personality determines on how they choose which services they want to use. They tend to choose services that they have already tried or used before. Here are some things to know when serving this type of guest:

  1. Do not rush them. Give them time and space to choose and understanding the options before them. Explain in detail and orderly, and use common language that is easy to understand.
  2. Give a comparison between the services available with the services they are usually used to. And again, avoid using difficult foreign terms for them to understand.
  3. Do not overly compare the services offered with the services they usually use, or even worse if they take it as a bad impression that the services they usually use are out of date, or worse than the existing services.
  4. Avoid cornering this type of guest by saying things like, “This is the newest services and everyone already use it”, “That service is out of date. Now this is the newest sophisticated service to replace the old one”.
  5. Make them sure to try services they have never used, along with testimonials from guests who have already tried, or the guarantee and safety of the services offered.

After done with what the guests’ needs, don’t forget to always ask how they rated or their level of satisfaction with the services provided, as an evaluation material to improve service quality.

These are the types of guests commonly found in the hotel industry. As an employee who works in the service industry, regardless of the personality and behavior of visiting guests, always make sure to be friendly, polite, and agile in meeting guests’ needs.