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Cheap Hotel for sale in Surabaya

Hotels for Sale has 529 hotel properties for sale in Surabaya, East Java. Find villas Property for sale, land, and businesses for sale in Surabaya Indonesia. Tips on Buying a Hotel for Sale in Surabaya

Tips for buying Hotels for sale in Surabaya can be purchased in cash or using a bank loan. If you are able to pay a down payment on a house that is greater than the minimum payment, then the loan and the number of installments each month can be lower. Currently, the minimum down payment required for a house is between 10 – 20% of the sale price

Don’t save money on your savings to prepare a home purchase down payment, as the time it takes to collect it can be very long and time consuming. The best solution to choose from is to invest in an investment instrument that offers competitive returns.

Property Prices in Surabaya

The average price for commercial use in Surabaya is IDR 4.021 billion. The median list price has fallen below 5.0% compared with last year. The average price per m2 for commercial use in Surabaya is IDR 15,619,352 per square meter

The average rental price for an ad in Surabaya is IDR 117,545,964. Rental rates for commercial in Surabaya 35.1%

Business For Sale In Surabaya

The commercial property market in Surabaya is currently increasing in line with the promising trend after the pandemic, this is due to the increasing need to buy property. Another factor that has contributed to the positive trend in the price of businesses for sale in Surabaya is the ease of applying for a Home Ownership Credit (KPR). The advancement of digital technology also supports the development of the property industry in Surabaya. as one of the leading hotel and business buying and selling sites in Indonesia which has various features that will make it easier for you to find properties that match your needs and criteria. We provide data on the development of commercial selling prices in Surabaya.

Selling price of commercial property in Surabaya.

Based on internal data from The selling price per commercial m2 is in the range of Rp. 16 million per meter. If you look closely, the index for commercial property prices for sale ranges from Rp. 16 million. An increase of 7.4% occurred in the last few months, then if we look further, this year’s growth is 5.4% compared to the previous year.

In 2020, property prices will be corrected by around 20% – 40%. This downward trend occurs in almost all major cities in Indonesia. It can be seen that there is an average decrease of 27.14%. Property investment is indeed promising, this is due to consistent growth every year. As proof, we can look at historical data for the last two years.

Looking at the data above, it is clear that the commercial selling price in Surabaya moves from time to time. Starting 3 months ago the value was IDR 16.6 million, 12 months ago IDR 17 million, and 12 months ago IDR 15,900,000. This property data at is expected to help you make decisions when looking for your ideal business or when you want to invest in property.

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