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Hotel For Sale In Bandung – West Java

We have 103 hotel for sale in Bandung. Find Property and business for sale in Bandung Indonesia – Buying Hotel for Sell in Bandung

As the center of government and economy in West Java, Bandung also has promising potential for hotel and properties for sale, economic development and infrastructure are the main driving forces for the property business in this developing city.

Business For Sale In Bandung – West Java

This condition also eventually led to many large developers participating in building many property projects there, such as Summarecon and Agung Podomoro, which built independent city-scale projects.

The high interest in buying hotel for sale there can also be seen from the increasing number of searches for houses for sale in Bandung. Based on the results of a survey conducted by many broker sites, it turns out that this area is the area most sought after by prospective home buyers after Jakarta. Every month, on average, around 22,267 people plan to buy hotel for sale in Bandung.

Interestingly, the trend of finding housing there is not only happening in landed houses, but also in vertical housing, and also hotel for sale this is happening because now looking for vacant land for house construction is quite difficult, so now the trend of residential development has now begun to shift to high rise buildings.

How many interested buyers are sold in Bandung?

Based on data from the interest in buying hotel for sale in Bandung is quite high and always increases every year. For example, in the first quarter of 2020, the number of searches for homes for sale in Bandung increased by 26.55% when compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. The increase in search numbers shows that the Bandung area is very suitable for property investment.

Which areas in Bandung are the most sought after by buyers?

Based on data from, the majority of prospective home buyers are interested in buying hotel for sale and housing in the Lembang, Antapani and Rancamanyar areas. The data is obtained from visitors to hoteldijual by writing the keywords for houses and hotel for sale in Bandung.

Villa Bandung as a Property Investment Option

Villas for Sale in Bandung

Bandung or commonly called the Flower City has long been a tourist destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Beautiful scenery and cool air are a magnet to attract tourists to spend their vacation time here. In addition, the culinary in this city is also very appetizing so that tourists will not only be spoiled by natural tourist destinations, they will also be spoiled by culinary tourism destinations.

Along with the advancement of the tourism industry in Bandung and the increasing population, it is not only the houses for sale that are increasing, but more and more lodging accommodations for tourists are also emerging, ranging from guest houses, hotels to villas.

Especially for villas, usually the target market is tourists with families or in large numbers so they don’t bother to book a large number of rooms. Because the number of visitors and tourist attractions in Bandung is increasing, there is nothing wrong if you have an investment plan and then decide to invest in property, especially villas in Bandung.

Some areas where there are many villas that are the target of investors and tourists are the Dago Pakar, Lembang and Ciwidey areas. The locations of the villa buildings are also close to various tourist attractions such as Farmhouse Lembang, Ciwidey White Crater, and Moko Hill, making it very easy for tourists to relax and travel to tourist destinations.

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