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Sustainable hotel is trending now, and it will be a principle concept to apply all over the world. So if you want to invest in hotels, you might just want to be ready for that and invest to make your hotel sustainable.

How Traditional Hotels Can Destroy Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a broad concept. It is the concept of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology without any human intervention. It also acknowledges that human civilization takes resources to sustain our modern way of life, and at the end damaging the sustainability.

Hotels are one of the businesses that can play a significant role in damaging the ecosystem and thus, can also act as the rescuer of it. Hotels use a huge amount of detergent to wash towels, bedsheet, clothes every day. Its detergent use per capita surpass the average household by far. They also use a huge amount of electricity to light up its lobby and other public area even when they are not in use.

By giving out soap and shampoo in plastic bottles, hotels produce huge amount of unrecyclable waste. Any do not forget that hotels serve breakfast everyday. A significant amount of the breakfast served is becoming a waste, that filling the earth with glass house gas from its decomposition process.

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So How Can You Turn a Hotel to Become a Sustainable Hotel?

Steps have been taken by reputable hotels around the world. They suggest that cleaning towels and bedsheet is not something that guests demand on daily basis, given if they staying guests. Well of course no body wants to stay there if the old guests’ bedsheet is not replaced when the new ones come.

Hotels are also trying to replace plastic water bottles with tap water or refilled gallon water in the hallway, and provide only jars and glasses in the rooms. Soap and shampoo are provided in refillable bottles, not for guests to take home.

Newly built hotels use their own solar power generator to light up the building. They also find design that do not need a lot of electricity. They also provide water treatment facilities to treat used water for secondary uses such as toilet flush and watering the garden.

Designing a sustainable hotel

But those are not enough. Because Sustainability is not just about environment. In 2005, the World Summit on Social Development identified three core areas that contribute to sustainability. Those are economic development, social development and environmental development. These principles are also informally used as profit, people and planet.

So a sustainable hotel should take into consideration managing these three pillars.

The environment pillar is the ones most discussed. Steps can be seen from the way the hotel is being operated and services being offered. Hotels are reducing their footprints while still operating their businesses, as examples above showed.

Many travelers are also embracing sustainable tourism. They take notes on their carbon footprints, such as how many liters of gasolines used for them to get from their home to their destination. And they will try to balance it with activities that support the environments. It includes choosing an eco-friendly hotel for their stay.

Second, he economic pillar of sustainability is where most businesses feel comfortable doing business. To be sustainable, a business must be profitable. Profit in this sense is not as much profit it can take, but profit to cover for risks and to develop another business in the future. Sufficient profit to make the world go round for mankind.

But it takes a lot to be profitable without sacrificing another human being. Owners and management can be in conflict with each other, hurting the rights of the others. Therefore, one of the factors in the economic pillar is the corporate governance. It governs the relationship among all stakeholders in the company, or in this case the hotel.

Finally, is the social pillar. A sustainable hotel should have the support and approval of its employees, stakeholders and the community it operates in.

On the employee side, a sustainable hotel tries to recruit as many as possible local people to improve the community purchasing power. It also tries to develop their employees by means of training and education without any prejudice, whether it is gender equality, race, political affiliation and so on. It also tries to improve the employees’ quality of life by giving them sufficient salaries and allowance needed for them to work with no worry.

On the community side, a sustainable hotel tries to improve the community life as much as possible. The easiest way is to donate some money to develop infrastructure in the areas. If the surrounding looks beautiful, it will look good on the hotel also.

But social sustainability can be more than that. It can promote the development of arts and culture in the area, support the education of the children, and making a big shift in the people’s way of life.

At the end, sustainable hotels try to have the lesser impact in the world as possible.


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