Hotel Service Area, is a place on the hotel environment where the guests can get the services and the employees can give their services. Apart from being related to tourism, hospitality is also an industry that is closely related to public services. Most of the guests will be attracted and return to the hotels they have visited, because of the convenient services and clean hotel area. To give the best impression, hotel staffs must always make sure that all hotel service areas are in good condition before and after being accessed by the guests. This area includes the guest room area, hotel lobby, hotel restaurant, meeting room, swimming pool, fitness center, or other entertainment spaces.

Although in terms of room arrangements are excellent, and the selected decorations and furnitures that used are perfect, it will decrease the aesthetics value of things if it looks unkempt and will only be nothing but a display. For that reasons, there are several things that all employees must consider in the hotel service area to make sure all the guests feel comfortable.

Understand the Standard Operating Procedures in the Hotel Service Area

Every field of work must have its own standard operating procedures, including hospitality employees. Generally, an operational standard has the do’s and don’ts while in the work environment. Each department has different operational standards, but they are still connected to one another.

A Standard Operating Procedures become the reference for all departments before and after working hour. Most of the operational standards contain rules, duties and obligations, as well as punishment if any employees do not comply with the specified standards. Both the standards for grooming and make-up, how to greet the guests, what kind of information to conveyed, the attitude when dealing with the guests, all the rules must be contained operational standards of each department.

In addition, these standards also regulate the duties and obligations of employees while still in the production area. For that, each member of the department need to fully understand the existing standards. Mistakes that cause from non-compliance or improper implementation of working standards might ruin the company’s image.

Prepare The Equipment’s Needed on Service Area

house keeping equipment

Each field of work has its own “tools of war”. Before they get start to work, members from each department need to make sure that the equipment they need are available and functional. This equipment includes documents that might be required, such as to record the conditions of facilities in the hotel service area.

Apart from the equipment point of view, all the hotel employees must know the types of services available at the hotel where they work. Starting from the price, ongoing promotions, and the site of each room if a visitor asks for directions. It is not uncommon for hotel employees who don’t even know their surrounded environment and the newest hotel information when a visitor asks.

Regular Cleaning Schedule for All Departments

After the members of each department understand their respective operational standards, the next thing to pay attention is the cleanliness of all areas. Before the services start, all the employees need to make sure the hotel service area is clean.This starts with the cleanliness of the production area, such as the kitchen area, storage area, and so on. Each department should have their own cleaning schedule, so that each member has a sense of responsibility for their own work environment.

Furthermore, the cleanliness of service areas is generally the House Keeping Department members responsibility. Before a certain room or area accessed by guests, house keeping officers need to make sure the area is clean and free from unpleasant odors. Likewise, after the guests used a room or hotel area, the house keeping officer must again make sure the cleanliness of the room and check whether any items other than hotel properties are left behind.

Facilities Check on Hotel Service Area

Facilities Check

Apart from cleanliness, it is important for hotel employees to check that the existing hotel facilities are functioning properly and safe for the guests to use. Always checked whether any equipment that’s not working or is there any room facilities additions needed before and after a hotel service area being used by visitors.

The chosen of the right decoration and furniture makes a place unique, including a hotel. The decorations and furniture used can be adjusted according to what theme or impression a hotel want to highlight to the guests, so that the hotel has its own characteristics. However, before placing these elements in the hotel service area, can we guarantee the safety? Are the tables, chairs, or beds comfortable for the guests to use? Is the pendant lamp, paintings, shelving, or other displays are properly installed and not in a place to interfere with the guests’ space?

These things often go unnoticed when in the hotel service area. Sometimes, we think a decoration and furniture only used to make an area looks eye-catching, without paying attention to its feasibility. Improper installation and placement can result in accidents for visitors. For this reason, the decorations and other furniture’s placement need to carefully considered, and never forget to check the installation and maintenance regularly.

Security System on Every Corner of The Room

Security System

Security is also a reason that can increase the comfort of hotel guests. Inadequate security systems can endanger not only the guests, but hotel employees as well. Security equipment such as smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, gas detectors, etc., need to be checked and tested regularly.

Apart from equipment, hotel staff need to make sure the safety of the hotel service area before use. Every corner of the room, or even an enclosed area such as an air ventilation duct, it must be save from any suspicious objects. Other accesses such as emergency numbers for each guest room, or directions to emergency exits, as well as CCTV cameras in the hotel service area need to be able to work properly.

So that when the guests are in danger, hotel security officers can immediately rush to provide help or assistance.

Communicate with Other Staff Regarding The Requirements Needed

The thing that is no less important when it comes to hotel service area is never forget to communicate about what is the need of an area. The hotel guests comfort is all hospitality department members responsibility that provide direct service. Hotel facilities are assets that must be maintained together. When find a nonfunctional facility on a hotel service area, communicated it immediately with the relevant department.

Usually when there is a facility in the hotel service area that needs maintenance, the area will be closed until it’s done repaired. If this is not handled quickly, it can have an impact on reducing revenue for the hotel. Therefore, checking the facility regularly and immediately reporting the damage to the relevant department is very important before it gets bigger, as it will take longer to repair if the damage is severe.

It is important for all department members in a hotel to make sure the service area condition before or after work. Raising awareness of checking service areas regularly will not only have a positive impact on visitors, but also give comfort in the work environment for the employees.