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Career in hospitality industry is one of the field that is always have a lot enthusiasts. Especially Indonesia, as one of the countries with many variety of tourist destinations and cultural events that can attract attention from both domestic and foreign guests. The job prospects offered are also diverse and always growing.

To be able to compete with many competitors, each hotel company certainly wants a competent and expert individuals to fill the existing fields. The hotel will of course recruit a high quality employees, with the hope of contributing to advancing the hotel where he works.

Majors in Hospitality Study Program

career in hospitality

In order to prepare a reliable workforce, there are now various educational or training institutions that provide majors for those who want to have career in hospitality. The hospitality study program is a study that applies and develops knowledge and skills in the field of hospitality science, especially in planning, product and service control, hotel management, and so on.

These are the following of some major in hospitality fields offered by educational or training institutions to those who interested to have careen in hospitality :

Food Production

The focus of this study is to deepen food and beverage processing techniques. Those who take the focus of this study program will be educated and trained to become prospective cooks who can work in a professional environment, both in practice and theory. They will also taught various styles of cuisine, such as oriental style (East Asian cuisine), Chinese style (Chinese cuisine), Western style (European and American cuisine), or middle-east style (Middle Eastern cuisine).

In addition to learning about cooking, this department also studies food marketing, determining selling prices, preparing a budget for food processing, and human resource management.

Hotel Administration

The learning topic in this study aims to creates those who are able to manage all administrative needs in hotels, such as management processes and hotel operational processes as a whole.

Room Division

This study program’s main focus are everything related to hotel operations, from front-desk management, laundry service, and house keeping service management.

Food and Beverages

Unlike food production, the Food and Beverages studies everything related to the procedures for serving food and beverages.


This department learns the basic knowledge of the main ingredients for making bread and cakes, their processing and manufacturing techniques, nutritional value, and how to make attractive cake decorations, also how to create pastry products with high taste.

Psychology of Service

Service psychology is a science that studies human behavior in the process of work interaction in the service industry towards hotel visitors. It is important to learn this to make it easier when dealing directly with visitors.

Additional Skill to Start Career in Hospitality

After successfully becoming an expert in the field of hospitality, there are still a number of things that must be prepared beyond the knowledge in the field of expertise. This is important, especially for a fresh graduate or to those who don’t have work experience in hospitality before.

Skills in certain fields are a selling point that can be offered to companies to start career in hospitality. The higher the quality or ability of a person, the greater the opportunity to join the desired company.

Here are some skills that can be prepared before applying for a job in the hospitality world:

  1. Computer Skills

career in hospitality

This skill is very necessary when applying for work in any company, including in hospitality. Almost all positions and work departments in hotels require employees who are capable of using computers.

This is because most hotel companies no longer use manual service systems, as it tends to take a long time to process data. Most of the hospitality work has been integrated into the computer system, making it faster to load the information needed.

  1. Foreign Language Skills

Although it is not absolutely necessary, there are several work positions that require foreign languages both speaking and writing, such as the position of GRO (Guest Relations Officer) or the position of the FDA (Front Desk Agent).

Common foreign languages that will be considered when applying for work are English and Mandarin. For this language skills, this can be done by taking courses at foreign language education institutions, as well as getting used to speaking in foreign languages or diligently reading and listening to media that use foreign languages, so that skills can develop.

  1. Professional Attitude

career in hospitality

A professional attitude is needed when entering a working environment, especially in the hotel industry. Even though you graduated with the highest score in education, it will be useless if you are not able to act professionally. Even though you are successfully accepted during the recruitment process, it will be difficult to do your job if you are not professional. Being able to be professional includes:

  • Discipline at work, is an act to willing to follow and carry out the existing regulations in the company. Hotels tend not to hire employees who always ignore company regulations.
  • Work ethic, which is how a person is able to withstand pressure, as well as the ability to make decisions, and have high initiative and always be positive.
  • Responsibility, is how a person be able to carry out the duties given. This include be responsibility with the jobs, responsibility with the company, and responsibility with the position.
  • Ethics and manners, both ethics with fellow employees and ethics when dealing directly with visitors. The hotel certainly does not want prospective employees who are unable to be polite, because they can risk tarnishing the good name of the hotel. Employees who do not have ethics and courtesy also tend to make the atmosphere at working environment uncomfortable and disturb the concentration of other employees’ work.
  1. Communication Skills

The last skill that is no less important is communication. There are often employees who are good academically and theoretically, but are unable to convey good information when dealing directly with visitors because of the lack of communication skills.

The ability to communicate can be increased by interacting more with the people around you. It is important for a hotel employee to be able to communicate with various visitor characters.

This ability is needed both to serve visitors, as well as when needed to build a good teamwork.

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Tips: Good Resume to Apply Work in Hotel

After being sufficiently equipped with various knowledge and abilities, the last thing that must be prepared is how to make a hotel company interested in recruiting you as employees. These are the following things that need to be prepared to have career in hospitality:

  1. Prepare an Attractive Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A good CV should contains important information about the job applicant. Make sure to include personal data, such as name, latest education, marital status, weight and height, as well as contacts. Make a paragraph that describes yourself in an attractive way, but do not overly exaggerate.

Furthermore, also include work experience along with the duties and responsibilities, then organizational experience that have been attended, training or seminars related to the position being applied. Don’t forget to use an attractive and easy-to-understand design for CV.

  1. Find Job Vacancies from Trusted Sources

Every prospective employee wants to be able to join a hotel company that has a good reputation and is considered as a capable company to compete in the market. Before applying for a job at the desired company, make sure that the source of job information is obtained from reliable media, such as the official website of the hotel company or trusted media channels.

It is not uncommon to find fake job vacancies on behalf of a well-known hotel company, which aims to data stealing. Reliable job vacancy information will include the complete company name, contact person, office address, and terms and conditions for the position required.

  1. Submitting a Job Application

Before submitting a job application, make sure that you match the qualifications needed by the company. So the job applications that are submitted pass the qualifications and can be further considered. Don’t forget to include the position you applied for, and explain why you are interested in joining the hotel company and what contribution you can give if accepted.


Those are things that can be used as a reference for those who want to have a career in hospitality industry, starting from the study program and the must have abilities. Make sure the study program taken is a field that matches your interests so that when you graduate, you can immediately become a reliable and competent employee and can carry out work sincerely.

Not only experts in theory and academics, a prospective worker must also have abilities outside the academic field, as a consideration for job recruiters. Armed with good abilities, at least a prospective worker is one step ahead and able to compete with other prospective workers.