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Promotional Display is a promotional technique that focuses on the area inside the hotel, which purpose is to promote hotel products and services. This promotion is carried out by displaying product or service information at certain points in the hotel area that hopefully will attract the attention of visitors. A successful Promotional Display will gain many visitors buy a product or service.

The Purpose of Promotional Display

Before start choosing a product or service to be promoted, a promotional display must has a goal to be achieved. Each product or service on the promotional display generally has the following purposes:

  • Strengthen, continue, and support the promotion of existing products or services
  • Introducing new products or services to the public
  • Offers free samples of a product
  • Inform visitors that a product or service has been upgraded or updated
  • Reviving declining sales
  • Build a larger visitor database
  • Fill in the empty space in the hotel area to make it look more attractive

How to Maximize Promotional Display

promotional display in hotel area

As a promotional method that focuses on hotel areas, the most effective way to maximize a promotional display is to place the promotional display in high traffic areas. These areas include:

  • Entrance doors area
  • Service counter area
  • Cash register area
  • Lift and escalator areas
  • Toilet

The selection of this place can also be adjusted based on the type of product or service being promoted.

Types of Promotional Displays

There are several forms that can be used for the promotional display. Here are some forms of promotional displays commonly found in hotel areas:

  1. Window Display

07 Hotel Dieu Display web How to Make A Great Promotional Display

Window display is a form of product or service display placed in a glass window. This display form is quite attractive and safer, because the product being promoted is stored in the glass. However, visitors can only see the product without touching or trying the product being promoted directly. Generally this type of display is used for promotion for a long term promotion and the products on display are not for sale.

  1. Table Display

This form of display is done by openly arranging products or services on the table. Visitors can touch, try, or taste the promoted product directly. If using this display form, make sure there are hotel employees on duty to monitor product availability and keep the promotional display area clean

  1. Counter Display

Display counters are generally used to display food and beverages. That said, counter display is an advanced form of table display. On the display table visitors can try and taste a product directly, but at the counter display visitors are required to buy the product they want.

  1. Free Standing Display

This form is the most widely used form of promotional display. The goods or services promoted are placed in strategic areas in the hotel environment. Visitors can see the products or services offered, and if they are interested, they can directly contact the hotel employee on duty.

Planning in Creating a Promotional Display

In order to achieve the goal of making a promotional display, a step by step planning is required before deciding to make a promotional display. This planning can involve a number of groups, ranging from hotel management, marketing staff, or also the guests.

In this plan, there are a number of points that must be detailed before starting to make the promotional display:

  1. Location for Promotional Display

07 loong palace hotel resort How to Make A Great Promotional Display

Determine where the most strategic location that many visitors pass. In determining the location, it can also be adjusted to what products or services are being promoted.

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For example, if the promotion is made for food or beverage products, then a strategic location is the hotel restaurant area. Restaurant staff can place the promotional display on the table and visitors can taste food or drinks for free. The staff who is standby at the promotional display can also ask opinions from visitors directly as a product assessment.

  1. Display Placement Time

For promotions in the form of services, place the promotional display at least 7 days before the promotion starts. The goal is that there is enough time to spread the information about upcoming promotions. This promotional display can be in the form of a brochure or a standing banner.

This promotion can also be adjusted to match national holidays, religious holidays, or other special days that might attract more visitors.

  1. The Amount of Budget Needed

This budget is the amount of costs that must be spent, the time allocation for preparation and how long the promotion will take, as well as how many staff are deployed during the promotion, and so on.

  1. Freebies

It’s a list of items that are prepared to be given free to customers or used to demonstrate the products and services being promoted. For example, for the promotion of beauty products or services, visitors who buy a service package or with a certain minimum shopping will get a free sample of new products.

  1. Supporting Items

It’s an item that is prepared to improve the appearance of the promotional display to make it stand out, thus increasing the attraction of visitors.

  1. Display Theme

promotional display theme

Themes are generally used to promoted specific products or services. The display theme also helps to make the display more attractive and easy for visitors to understand. This theme can be determine by the choice of colors or decorations that symbolize certain events.

For example, for special products or services on Valentine’s Day, you can use a color that is identical to that special day, usually pink. Or by adding a heart-shaped decoration to make it look more attractive.

  1. The Outline of The Promotional Display

The outline of a promotional display must contain the objectives and expected results after the promotion ends. For example, how many products or services must be sold, or how many sales targets must be achieved. This is needed as a material for evaluating how effective the promotional display is to increase sales.

Important Points in Arranging Promotional Display

After careful planning and placing the promotional display at a predetermined point, there are a number of points that need attention

  1. The Display Must Appear ‘Solid’

The promotional display used must appear ‘solid’, which means display items must be displayed close together. If the position between the displays is too far away, the display will look tenuous, disharmonious, and unattractive. Views like this give ’emptiness’ impression and lack of preparation from the hotel. It is better if displays for similar products or services are placed close together to make it easier for visitors to compare between one display and another.

On the other hand, a display that is too densely furnished will give the impression of being cluttered and disorganized. Views like this will be considered less professional and fail to represent the product in the best way.

This situation often occurs when a product for promotional display that used is too small, but there’s a lot to be displayed. This causes the main product to be promoted unclear and visitors find it difficult to distinguish between room decorations and promotional tools.

  1. Display Must Remain ‘Simple’

Avoid making a promotional display that is too complicated and contains too many unnecessary extras. For example, if the product being offered is small, simply place it on a table with a spotlight. It is simpler, but it can stand out the product well.

A wider display space provides the opportunity to create creativity, whether from the decoration, color, layout, or what properties can be used as additional elements. But keep in mind, too much decoration causes the product that should be the ‘star’ covered by supporting products.

  1. Display Must ‘Well Preserved’

For a promotional display that allows visitors to try, taste, or buy a product, be sure to replace or refill it before the display is run out. Always keep the product clean and the area around the display.