Purchase An Existing Business ? Why not?. If you want to be entrepreneurial and already have funds but are confused how can you get started?  Obviously what you need to know here is that when you start a business it doesn’t require you to build it from scratch, but there are a lot of ways and opportunities you can do. One way you can find it is to buy a business that is already running or existed before.  There are a few things you need to pay attention to before actually deciding to buy a business. So later the investment will have such no end to disaster.

Buying an Existing Business? How to Finance Your Purchase

Arguably if it is in a business, the success you will get will depend heavily on ability and ability in terms of seeing the opportunities that exist.  therefore some of the ways that you should pay attention are as

You must first find out why the business was sold by the owner

For example, there is a company based in the United States, but in a short time went bankrupt.  It’s a mistake indeed made by a group of entrepreneurs who have bought the previous amf bowling business network (the name of the company).

They feel that the business is promising enough because it is based in the United States and has just spread its wings to Asia and Europe.  This broader market certainly led the owner to sell his business for $1 billion. The owner of the goods did not know that the business had passed its peak and sales continued to decline quite sharply.

Therefore based on the example above, it is good to know in advance why the person became the business he has built. Do not let you feel harmed in the next day.  Learn first about the market as well as the trends of the business.  Whether it is in the difficult time of the business or there are other reasons that make the basis for the entrepreneur to sell his business.

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You are obliged to learn more about the business you are about to buy

Make sure you know and learn about the ins and outs of the business you will later buy.  These things relate to opportunities, rivals, and also possible threats that will appear in front of him later.  In addition, success will most likely be determined from your readiness and knowledge there will be useful to develop the business later.

You can make all the plans to be able to grow that business

If indeed the business that has been developed is able to provide a return comparable to the investment that you have studied before then it is quite profitable for you.  Especially if the business is long-term can also be developed.  The most important thing when you have a previous business is to think about whether indeed the business that you will be acquiring can then be integrated with the business that you have now gone through.  Can you increase the number of sales and profits that exist. If you can answer the question with certainty then most likely the business is worth buying.

It’s fair to say that when you buy someone else’s existing business, it’s a challenge but it can create a huge opportunity. Therefore the thoroughness and also the events here are full you do before doing the transaction.  Make sure you have a plan in advance when purchasing the business.

Purchase an existing business will be easier when starting it, because it is a small risk that will be borne by the new owner.  This is because the business has been running for some time so in the future can be done prospect analysis.

In addition to the relatively small risks, the work culture and management team that is basically already running will certainly provide convenience for the prospective buyer to be able to manage it in starting the new business.  In the future, the market and products that have been clear will make it easier for prospective buyers to conduct a review of marketing strategy in the future and of course the factors that benefit there will be many more.  But in addition to the amenity and profit shown above there are also several factors of concern when going to buy a business where the factors are as follows


For the survival of a business indeed the customer becomes an asset of considerable importance. Make sure here the loyal customers who are in a business that you will choose when you want to purchase an existing business.  This is because if you start the business from a number then to get a loyal customer is something that is difficult to get and needs quite extra patience.  For a new owner of course a loyal customer is a considerable asset and the owner of the goods to manage existing customers in such good ways and ensure that the satisfaction is felt by those customers from the products sold.


Although by the previous management the employees have been recruited but the new owners should know about the quality of the employees.  There must be a coordination channel that informs that there are employees who have special abilities.  For example on one or more employees who have communication with customers so well, the ability to be able to produce products that are quite special, you can also reward those employees.  compared to you starting a business from scratch of course it takes a long time to be able to reward existing employees for their new work and do not have enough experience in your company.


We recommend that you reconsider the facilities contained in the company, if the facility in the company you purchased is a rental facility of course it will incriminate your company’s finances in the future, Usually indeed the new owner will use the independent management team and audit services to then specifically be able to calculate the calculation of all facilities and Assets that have been used where the impact will be on the effectiveness and efficiency of the company.  If industrial waste is produced by the business then you can check the conditions of waste processing with the recycling system.

Financial statements

It is recommended that you as a new owner of a running company should look first at the financial statements carefully and correctly.  If necessary you can hire a financial consultant to be able to assist in analyzing the financial statements.

So is the information about what if you want to purchase an existing business.