The stretching of hotel developments in Jakarta

Hotels For Sale In Jakarta Indonesia. According to research data from STR Global, the growth of hotel development in Indonesia increased by 35.7 percent in 2014. This has provided a positive stimulus for the development of the commercial lodging business, especially in big cities. The growth of the lodging business in Jakarta as the metropolitan capital is also fairly rapid in line with the high volume of immigrants from outside the region.

In general, each year, starting from 2012 and 2013, the addition of star-rated accommodation rooms has increased to 2000 units. This increase mainly occurred in the star-rated lodging segment, which had a larger number of rooms. Plus it is equipped with meeting facilities, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). Apart from requests for daily or monthly rent, the demand for hotel units sold in Jakarta has also increased because more and more people are investing in buying and selling in this type of commercial property. Of course, the capital required will vary from the targeted customer market segmentation.

Jakarta Hotel Sale and Purchase Market

According to Arief Rahardjo, Senior Associate Director Research & Advisory Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia, the increasing demand for hotels for sale and rent in the capital city is due to the increasing number of business travelers, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and short-term guests at certain events. The high activity of meetings in this city has led to the demand for lodging for MICE activities to be chased by corporations from within and outside the region. This reason has even boosted visitor arrivals by 60% – 70% of the total.

On the one hand, this has made the demand for hotels sold cheaply in Jakarta to decline. Although in previous years, the growth of budget hotels was good, in terms of number and occupancy, it is predicted that in the future it will decline slightly. However, the possibility of increasing popularity of cheap hotels in the capital is not impossible. With the high number of tourists who come, most of them will target three-star hotels and lower class jasmine. The existence of concerts from international artists and government activities can also be the reason for the increasing prestige of budget inns. Several choices of low budget hotel listings for sale in Jakarta include North Jakarta and West Jakarta with prices starting from 1.2 billion Rupiah.

Hotels For Sale In Jakarta Indonesia

Several lists of hotels in Jakarta that are 5-star class and provide daily rental are mostly concentrated in the Central and South areas. Some other rental accommodation options include Hotel Borobudur, which is located in the city center. In addition, in this area there is also Grand Sahid Jaya or better known as Hotel Sahid and Hotel Sultan. Not far from this location, there is also Amaris Hotel which is also in the Thamrin area. In addition, in the southern area of ​​the capital there is the Aryaduta Hotel in Semanggi. For luxury class like this, the room rate per night starts from 1 million and above.

Hotels For Sale In Jakarta Indonesia: Investment Opportunities for Lodging Units for Sale

In general, the lodging industry in Indonesia is still the main choice for developers to reap profits. With high economic growth in the middle class and increasing tourist visits, it is believed that hotel investment will flourish. This opportunity has even been glimpsed by foreign investors to take part in trying their luck at business in the capital. This is influenced by the profitability of the business which has increased every year. As currently, the average room price is IDR 865,000, which is an increase of 11.4 percent from the previous year.

This makes the lodging business opportunity for you wide open, with various factors described above. Even if your finances are limited, affordable accommodation units are considered more promising. This is because the return on investment or break even points tends to be faster. In general, if star accommodation is immediately profitable in an average of 12-15 years, for cheap hotel investment in Jakarta it only takes about 8 years to break the event point.

Investment Project Hospitality: 4-Star Hotel in South Jakarta for Sale

Trends in Commercial prices for sale in South Jakarta

The commercial property market in South Jakarta is now showing a promising trend, this is because the need to buy property continues to increase. In addition, another factor that plays a role in encouraging a positive trend in South Jakarta is the ease of applying for a Home Ownership Credit (KPR). The advancement of the digital world also supports the development of the property industry. Lamudi is a property buying and selling site that has various features that will make it easy for you to search for properties that match the background and criteria of property seekers. Moreover, we have provided data on the growth of commercial prices for sale in South Jakarta.

The following is an illustration of the commercial selling price of South Jakarta. Based on Lamudi’s internal data. The selling price per commercial m2 in November – January 2019 is in the price range of IDR 32,000,000. If we look further, the commercial price index for sale is found at Rp. 32,000,000, when compared to 6 months ago there has been an increase of 0%. Then if we look further, this year’s growth is 0% compared to one year ago. It can be seen that there has been an increase of 3.14%. Investment in the property world is indeed promising, it is due to consistent growth every year. As evidence, we can see the historical data for the last two years.

By looking at the data above, it can be seen clearly that commercial prices for sale in South Jakarta are moving from time to time. Starting from 3 months ago, the value was IDR 29,700,000, 6 months ago it was IDR 30,000,000, and 12 months ago it was IDR 31,700,000. It is hoped that this property data in Lamudi can help you make decisions when looking for your ideal residence or when you want to invest in property.