Managing a hotel is not easy task for anyone. Therefore you must know basic skill of hotel management that are particularly important in managing a hotel. These are the seven tips to manage your hotel:

  1. Set your objective and plan your way to get there
  2. Great Communication with everyone is essential to get everything done
  3. Delegate your tasks, but not your responsibility
  4. Employ the right people for the right job
  5. Leadership in critical times
  6. Change Management to adapt to ever changing trend
  7. Conflict Management

Visionary Planning

Managing a hotel needs a roadmap that everyone agrees on: where to go, which road to take, what vehicle to drive. Therefore, planning is the first thing you must do in managing your hotel well. Set your objectives for the hotel, and brainstorm them on how to achieve it with all the people involved in your hotel.

Do not keep your objectives for yourself. Your partners and employees are not psychic. If they do not know where you want to take them, your will find problems taking them there. Plan your target market and how to capture them. Find ideas from everyone on what to do and what could change along the way.

Set your budget and stick with it. Change only when all probable cause has been discussed and there is no other way to survive other than to shift the planned budget. Remember, hotel is a very cyclical business, more so for luxury hotels. Therefore, sticking to your budget may be the only thing that differentiate you from other similar hotels facing the same situation.

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Great Communication

In managing a hotel, vision and code of ethics is more than just taking a piece of paper and write it down on a wall. It needs to be communicated to all the people all the time. Give clear instruction on what you want them to do. Remind them if something is forgotten.

Give incentives for acceptable behaviors and be prepared to set a punishment for not acceptable ones. Be detail. Be clear on your incentives and punishment. Give apprehensible reasons why they accept those incentives or punishment.

And most of all, ready your ears at all time to receive critics, suggestion, complaints, ideas to improve your hotel.

Delegate Your Tasks But Not Your Responsibility

Managing a hotel need a lot of people. You will have to delegate your tasks to be able to manage your hotel properly. Be specific when you want them to do the tasks. Do not give multiple people the same task at the same time and place, because you will create confusion and at the end, you will find it hard to build responsibility in any of them.

Hotel Management

Set a standard operating procedure (SOP) beforehand to be properly communicated on what to do, who has to do it, when they need to do it and what result to expect from doing it. But be reasonable when someone just have to break the SOP if something comes up as long as they can explain it. Let the incident to be a good learning times to improve your SOP.

The person who delegated the work remains accountable for the outcome of the delegated work. This is a principle often forgotten in delegating tasks. Some are just happy to point finger to the receiver of the delegation when something is wrong, and many times take the praises for themselves.

Delegation empowers a subordinate to make decisions. Delegation, if properly done, is not just someone following you to a T, but to be able to take out some burden from you. Therefore, it requires a lot of trust, communication, and coordination. Delegation and communication go hand in hand to make a hotel manageable.

Employ the right people for the right job

Recruit the best people. Best does not always mean the brightest, the number one in their class. It also means, the most honest, most responsible, most friendly. Set criteria for the kind of people you want to have in all the position in the hotel. Recruit as much local as possible using the set criteria. Do not be prejudice.

Sometimes there is no right people for a job. If so, recruit people willing to learn. Train them well, develop them continuously. Give them incentives and career path to look forward to. Do not imprison them in your hotel. Let them freedom to choose the best for themselves, so you will have loyal employees in your hand rather than prisoners.

Changing is Hard

The future is changing, that much is certain. You need to be the agent of change if you want to still manage your hotel in the future. Find out how the change will affect your hotel, and how you are going to manage it. Be brave to embrace the change, and lead your people to that.

Conflict Will Always Happen Even When You Manage Your Hotel Well

Do not be afraid of conflict. Do not let it to be your bad karma, because conflict will happen to the best of us. It is unavoidable.  You just need to know how to manage it well, with elegance. Let both parties exit gracefully and do not demean any of them, disregard whose fault it was.


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