Human Resource Development

Department in Hospitality

Human Resources Development is a department in hospitality that handles various problems of employment, labor, managers and other workers to support the activities or all operational processes in the hotel environment.

Human Resources Development takes in charge to take care of job vacancies information then conduct job interviews with prospective employees who have applied and choose who are suitable candidates for recruitment by the company.

Divisions and The Responsibilities

These following are the duties and responsibilities of each division in Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development Manager

Responsible to overseeing and always evaluating the company budget to make it effective and efficient, and being responsible for every expenditure made by the company Supervises and evaluates every human resource in the company.

This also responsible to carry out assessment and promotion of human resources deemed entitled in the company. Responsible for make a recapitulation of employees absences in the company and the calculation to allowances and bonus salaries.

Human Resources Development Recruitment

Human Resources of Development Recruitment are responsible to help HR Managers in hiring human resources, also set up procedures for the recruitment. HR Recruitment also responsible in placing application advertisements, and sorting them, then held psychological tests and job interviews for human resources.

This is done in order to find out whether the attitudes and behavior of the applicant are in accordance with what is needed by the company.

General Affair Supervisor

Taking care of everything related to office activities in the form of work equipment and infrastructure. Handling relationships related to vendors or suppliers used by the company. Prepare reports that will be used during budget meetings, financial reports and office expenses.

Compensation and Benefit Supervisor

Maintain housing facilities in the form of housing, vehicles, telephones and computers in accordance with the policy. Carry out payroll using actual data so that salary payments to human resources in the company can run correctly and correctly.

Payroll Staff

Take care of the process of taking leave and exchange shifts of human resources in the company. Participate in assisting HRD Administration duties in terms of filing.

Welfare Staff

Making a pension contribution fund report, checking matters related to employee sick leave and providing replacement funds for sick human resources after  given a prescription.


Engineering Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

The engineering or hospitality sector in the engineering department is responsible for implementing, supervising, operating and financing the costs of property, maintenance and energy, and everything else that the property or facilities throughout the hotel.

Main Role of Engineering Department

According to the red line and stipulations on operating, the goals of the engineering department are:

  • Protect the physical investment in the facility building
  • Set up maintenance costs
  • Member support is necessary for overall guest satisfaction
  • Role in supporting the operational efficiency of other departments
  • Minimizing the cost of using energy to run the facility
  • Potential to decrease security issues

Divisions and The Responsibilities

Chief Engineering

The highest position in engineering department. Responsible to ensure the operation of the department, as well as all processes throughout the hotel environment.


Responsible for electricity procedure, and ensure that all facilities requiring electrical power can be used properly.


Responsible for certain machines, such as elevators, boiler machines, washing machines, kitchen equipment and other machine tools


Responsible for water pipeline or drain pipe This section takes in charge of ensuring that no leaking channels and immediately repairing any leaks.


The part is responsible for the physical building or structure or both exterior and interior, including maintenance of paintings, polish furniture, etc.


A process or action that aims to improve hotel property to a predetermined standard so it can operate properly as planned.


Sales and Marketing Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

Sales and Marketing Department in hospitality has responsible in promoting all products and services available in hotel. This department also takes in charge on making a target market for hotel.


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Main Role of Sales and Marketing Department

Main roles of a sales person is:

  • To influence visitors to buy the products and services offered
  • Can direct which targets and to whom the product offered and sold
  • convince visitors of the benefits and advantages of the product offered.
  • Can convince visitors who appear hesitant in making decisions or making choices.


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Security Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

Divisions and The Responsibilities

The following are the duties and responsibilities according to each position in the Security Department in Hospitality:

Chief Security (Sec. Manager)

  • Carry out administration and review the continuity of operations to ensure a safe environment for employees, guests, and others.
  • Advise management in improving and implementing policies in accordance with state security and regulations.
  • Develop methods for improving security policies, processes, and practices, and recommend management changes.
  • Manage the development of special training to guide security member
  • Representing the Hotel in formal meetings with outside organizations in matters related to security and protection services.

Assistant Security Manager

  • Coordinating, directing and reporting the daily activities of Security staff in protecting visitors, staff, customers, and property
  • Manage Property Space for lost and found items, and oversee the disposition of unclaimed items.
  • Assist in planning, coordinating, and directing security and safety programs to include loss prevention, parking or traffic control, patrolling of physical property, inspection of facilities, and criminal investigations.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of security and safety procedures
  • Carry out follow-up investigations of reports of criminal activity and violations of safety standards.

Security Supervisor

  • Regularly supervise security member
  • Planning a work schedule
  • Teach and enforce safety rules in the workplace.
  • Establish patrol safety priorities.
  • Assist the Assistant Manager of Security in identifying hazard-prone areas
  • Prepare daily and periodic reports for hotel officials about security department activities.
  • Take prescribed actions and be given first aid in emergencies such as accidents and fires

Security Guard

  • Directly in charge of monitoring and managing hotel security for 24 hours alternating with other security officers
  • Report all incidents that occur at the hotel to the security manager or his superior whether it is the loss or discovery of guest belongings
  • Guard at the hotel security post and monitoring in and out vehicles of the hotel, both vehicles owned by guests or hotel staff for safety in road crossings