Front Office Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

Front Office Department is one of the department in hospitality that operates directly with guests, starting when guests get service before arriving, when they arrive at the hotel, while at the hotel, and when they leave the hotel. Front Office Department is ‘the gateway’ of a hotel.

Main Role of Front Office Department

Main role of the Front Office Department are as follows:

  • Accept guest room bookings
  • Prepare and give hotel information services
  • Coordinating the service
  • Handling guest problems and complaints (complains)
  • Work on sales reports and room conditions
  • Prepare payment and billing data for visitors
  • Handles guest payments
  • Complete the payment
  • Compile a list of guest visit history
  • Handling telephone Switch Board, Telex, Fax, Telegram

Divisions and The Responsibilities

These followings are divisions of Front Office Department, such as:

Front Office Manager

The Front Office Manager is responsible to the general manager of the hotel, and is responsible for all matters relating to all working activities and front office administration.

Assistant Front Office Manager

Responsible to the Front Office Manager in charge of helping complete leadership duties, representing the manager when unable to attend a meeting, preparing and checking for important guests, coordinating subordinates and collaborating with other departments and receiving complaints from guests.

Phone Call Operators

Phone Call Operators is a division in the front office that generally has the task of receiving telephone, connecting the telephone and taking guest messages.


Reservation is a division in the front office which generally has the task to speed up the operational processes and administration in the room reservation section.


Reception is a division at the front office in charge of handling guest arrivals (check-in), both treating guests with reservations (reservation guests) and guests without reservations (walk-in guests) handling guests moving rooms (change rooms) and handling guests leaving (check-out).

Front Office Cashier

Front office cashier is a division in the front office to take charge on handling the payment transaction accounts of guests before they leave the hotel (check-out).


uniformed service is a  division at the front office which generally has the task of handling guest luggage, whether guests arrive (check-in), guests change rooms (room change) until guests leave (check-out).

Information Service

Information service is a division in the front office which generally has a duty to offer various information to guests precisely and accurately.


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Food & Beverage Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

Divisions and The Responsibilities

These following are the duties and responsibilities of each division in Food and Beverage Department.

Food & Beverage Director

Responsible for determining the food and beverage menu, serving system, sales strategy, directing implementation and assessing success. This position is also responsible for analyzing competitors, preparing production and service budgets, making policies within the department, and proposing policy adjustments within the department.

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

This position is responsible to coordinating the implementation of all activities between departments, compiling work plans and assessing their implementation, overseeing operational schedules, and overseeing the smooth operation of the food and beverage department.

Restaurant & Bar Manager

In charge of coordinating operational activities, preparing and supervising the smooth running of operations directly, helping to create monthly reports on food and beverage sales, handling and monitoring changes and irregularities in operational activities

Head Waiter

Carry out duties and responsibilities in supervising irregularities in the use of stock goods, checking the completeness and accuracy of daily sales reports, directing and supervising the smooth running of services in restaurants.

Assistant (Head Waiter Captain)

In charge of assisting the Head Waiter in carrying out his duties, making daily sales reports, supervising and helping the smooth running of sales services and serving food and beverages

Waiter / Waitress

In charge of preparing complete services, providing direct services to guests, taking guest orders, serving dishes and cleaning leftover dishes from the guest table

Chief Bartender

Responsible for supervising the storage and use of bar stock, overseeing the smoothness and accuracy of beverage serving, compiling standard portions, standard receipts, standard beverage costs.

Room Service Order Taker

Responsible for handling reception, recording room service orders and then submitting them to the room service captain, advising and assisting guests in menu selection


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House Keeping Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

House Keeping Department is the department in hospitality that regulates and responsible for all equipment, cleanliness, damage reporting and decoration of all events at the hotel, so that the hotel table is cleaner, attractive, and pleasing to its residents.

The House Keeping Department does not only prepare guest rooms, but is overall responsible for, maintaining and cleaning all hotel facilities. All house keeping activities aim to maximize the overall maintenance and cleanliness of the hotel.

Main Role of House Keeping Department

  • Creating a clean, attractive, comfortable and safe atmosphere
  • Providing the best possible in-room service for guests, so that guests feel satisfied when visiting or staying at a hotel.
  • Make room preparation, arrangement, and maintenance.
  • Report if any visitor items are left


Accounting Department in Hospitality

Department in Hospitality

Accounting Department is part of department in hospitality which functions to manage all matters related to financing received and issued by a hotel.

Divisions and The Responsibilities

These following are the duties and responsibilities of each division in Accounting Department

Finance Manager

The highest position in the Accounting Department. In charge of ratifying financial reports for approval by the General Manager, approving the income and expenditure of money, approving goods requests and releasing goods

Accounting Supervisor

Makes financial reports for approval by the Finance Manager, supervises the work of the Accountants and their subordinates


Helps Accounting Supervisor jobs, leads the work of the department under the leadership, such as City Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, General Cashier, and Book Keeper

Night Audit

In charge of collecting the work of all cashier operations in one day, making a revenue summary at night and submitting the summary with attachments and income the next day to the Accounting Back Office after being signed by the Chief Cashier

Internal Auditor

Examining all accounting data, making financial reports, reporting any financial irregularities found to the Finance Manager

Account Receivable

Checks all incoming money data obtained from the Night Audit and creates a Summary Revenue

Chief Cashier

In charge of leading all Cashier outlets, Room, Restaurant, Room Service, Sport & Recreation, Drugstore, as well as making daily and monthly summaries

Cost Controllers

Doing accounting and other work related to finance before a transaction occurs, checking all invoices or invoices from suppliers before being paid, checking requests for maintenance or maintenance of goods or manufacturing goods

Purchasing Supervisor

Checking good requests that approved for finding goods to suppliers, knowing all prices for hotel necessities in the market for making Purchase Orders, and making monthly summary purchases

Store Room Supervisor

Looks after all the goods in the warehouse, manages the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse, makes a monthly summary of the goods

Account Payable

Working on Purchase Ledger Day Book, making monthly summary of purchases, processing hotel expenses, working on all technical accounting problems from start to finish

General Cashier

Saving cash, books, checks and demand deposits for payment, storing cash and bank receipts that enter or leave, deposit and take money at the bank on orders from superiors

City Ledger

Checks all credit revenue for invoice creation to customers, invoices customers, creates a list of accounts receivable for Accountants

Book Keeper

Working on all technical accounting problems from start to finish, and is directly responsible to the Accountant