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Why you should take condotel investment? For information, condotels are usually rented by guests who want to travel. One example of an island in Indonesia that is suitable for condotel investment is the island of Bali. Natural tourism as one of the beauty of the beach and also the cultural elements are thickly attached to each Hindu temple so as to captivate the hearts of tourists, both domestic and foreign. In addition, Yogyakarta, with its historical and natural attractions, can also be a target for condotel investment.

With a variety of condotel facilities that are so complete, even exceeding the facilities of an apartment and matching the facilities of a star hotel, of course the price offered is also relatively higher. That is why this condotel investment is known as an investment with a relatively high price and long term.

Hearing the word “high price”, of course, makes us start to switch to other investments at relatively cheap prices. However, high prices are not an obstacle, but an opportunity for us, especially you as investors, because the selling price has skyrocketed from time to time. The promised profits will certainly not be worth the capital spent when this investment is successful.


Prices are in accordance with the location and facilities

Considering that condotel investment does have a relatively high price for a condotel room, you are advised not to buy an investment that is too expensive or over-priced for a unit. For information, the average price for a condotel room is around IDR 1 billion and it also depends on the location and facilities (both in room facilities or facilities outside) offered from the condotel. Besides the purchase price which is reasonable and in accordance with the facilities provided, after you have a condotel room, you need to consider the rental price of that room.

Of course, higher prices will increase your profits and can even speed up your return on investment. However, you also still need to be careful in setting the rental price. Do not let your rental price go too far or too expensive compared to other condotel rental rates so that your potential guests turn to other condotels whose rental rates are more reasonable.


Pay Attention to the Good Reputation of Developers and Managers

These days, honesty and a responsible work ethic are very expensive. Trust is a precious pearl in a partnership, especially in business. The credibility of the developer and manager of the condotel must also be of your concern.

Don’t let you invest in a condotel and work with developers and managers who have a bad history of working together. Be careful if the developer or manager has been caught in legal problems related to various violations that have been committed in the past.

Its good credibility will certainly get recommendations from previous investors who have worked with it. This doesn’t mean that you should be suspicious and think negatively of the developers or managers. This is a form of anticipation. Don’t involve yourself with untrustworthy developers.

In addition, you also need to know how to solve problems that are carried out by developers or managers when facing a case. Also find out how they treat investors as colleagues. This can also be your consideration in determining whether you will work with them in condotel investment or not.

Condotel Investment

Why You Should Take The Condotel Hotel Investment  for Your Preferred Business?

Do not underestimate the Audit Result Report

In condotel investment, you as an investor need to ensure that you must obtain an audit report from the condotel. You will get this report every year and it is accountability in the form of control management. Also, make sure that the audit is carried out by a credible public accountant so that the objectivity of the report given is maintained.

Clearly Understand Development Agreements and Permits

The first thing to explain at this point is the agreement between you as an investor and the condotel manager. You need to make sure that each agreement is made clearly. Make sure that you are not harmed at least there is a win win solution.

In addition, the agreement has legal force and is valid. This step aims to anticipate in the future if there are problems related to the agreement. This will be resolved legally and of course you will not be harmed by it. The second thing is regarding development licensing. Understand this problem by reading the local regulations that govern the ins and outs of licensing.

Understand every document in the process of obtaining a development permit, starting from an analysis of environmental impacts, commitment to use PDAM water (not ground water) commitment to management to develop the economy of local residents and so on.

As additional information, local residents often reject developments because they are deemed defective in licensing procedures. In addition, there is no permission from local residents in the process of building the condotel. Of course this case will hinder the achievement of your investment right?

Be careful before investing in a hotel (Kondotel). Before investing in a condotel, do some in-depth research. Understand the factors that can give you high returns. Also consult with your colleagues who have already struggled in the field of hotel investment, so you can avoid the threat of loss.

Are you interested in condotel investment? Make sure the benefits of condotel investment become your prospects in the future. Understand clearly the various management procedures and procedures as well as the legality of the condotel.

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