Want to buy a hotel or business? Read this ‘Buyers Guide’ and pay attention!

If you are interested with one or more property or business for sale at hotel dijual site, we recommend you to pay attention with this recommendation. All decision you take is under your responsibility, hotel dijual site and its affiliate will never take any responsibility for every decision and action you make. For more detail please read our term of use.

  1. Analyze the seller, whether they are an agent or owner or owner representatives;
  2. Never pay anything until you know that  everything is clean and clear;
  3. Meet the owner before you make decision to buy;
  4. Only transfer the payment to company account, if it it personal account, please collect as many as legal documents;
  5. Contact local authority to make sure all documents are legal
  6. Use independent local consultant to help you with the transaction.
  7. Do not hesitate to contact us to verify the seller account.

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Buying a hotel or a business can be a complicated long process.  Even you have experience owning hotels or business and running an establishment business now, it doesn’t mean the process will be easier for you. The business-for-sale we offer at hotel dijual marketplace is very dynamic and can change every days, depends on the availability. Every hotel transaction is  unique and both  have pros and cons alike must do extensive research and preparation before diving into a deal.

Some buyers avoid transactional business for sale and they have to make sure they are doing a credible acquisition that offers them financial and emotional peace of mind? Most of them have the greatest chance for success as long as they are being proactive and follow every step of the purchase process. With the following guides as the starting points, buyers can be sure and find out what they need to know before buying a hotel or business on way to owning the hotel of their dreams.

buyers guide

Why buying hotel or business for sale?

For some wealthy people, having a hotel, beside ha a great potential business also for their prestige by having a real estate portfolio. Hotel business is dynamic market. The uniqueness of hotel business  is there are no major tenant leases. Every room has to be sell everyday. The guests in the hotel’s enjoying ambience of the hotel and spending their time mostly at dining and meeting rooms and other facilities.  The guest can come and go on an hourly basis. Du to these circumstances, it is imperative for investors deciding to include a hotel in their portfolio to understand why they are doing so, after then they can make broad assumptions about future market and conditions about the business.

There are lot of question will asked by the buyers. The question normally, “Why they are we buying this property?” Mostly the main reasons is vary from economics, business expansion and also emotional prestige. The reality is buying a hotel or buying a business are driven by many factor that probably for some people doesn’t make sense. Such as ownership and emotional incentives. In this case we are not trying to imply that there is something wrong with decisions made for reasons other than economic ones. If one can afford to own a hotel with little or no cash flow yield on his investment, more power to him or her. When a purchase is made, it is important to understand that evidence so that financing is not put in place with the expectation that the property will service the debt.

There are as many reasons for buying a hotel as there are willing buyers. One may see the potential for success with a specific type of property in a particular location, adjacent to a major demand generator like a business center, tourism object, international event, an industrial park, or an airport. Another advantage for long-term strategy to have a property in a certain city or a certain part of location, or to be the key amenity for residential, retail and/or office components of a mixed-use project.

The acquisition process will begins when investors can identify the opportunity, formulate a vision for it, and then proceed to evaluate and possibly acquire the hotel. A prudent buyer requires a thorough acquisition analysis and due diligence process to validate assumptions and avoid surprises. It is possible when due diligence to suggest to both parties to deal with restructuring or termination of a proposed acquisition.

We provide this guide t in order to help buyer to make decision, here we explain the steps required for acquisition a hotel or business for long-term profit.

Buyers Guide to hotel purchase

  1. Defining Hotel Purchase Criteria

    There are certain motivation for buying a hotel or business can involve a  short-term or long-term objectives. If you have a short-term perspective, you will treat the project as a fix-and-flip – buying a rundown or neglected hotel, perhaps from a list of foreclosed hotels for sale, rehabbing and possibly reflagging the property, and then selling it for a substantial gain.

  2. Identifying Target Hotels for Sale

    Unless you already have a particular property in mind, you’ll need to spread the word that you are interested in hotels for sale that conform to specific criteria. You can contact hotel companies, industry consultants, hotel lenders, asset managers and commercial real estate brokers, like Julizar. Trade publication ads and press releases can also be used to get out the word. When you start receiving available hotel listings for sale from various sources, you have to screen the properties to eliminate the ones that do not fit your concept. This thing you should do to ensuring that you don’t waste your time and effort for inappropriate properties. If you are an expert, you might probably want to hire an acquisition consultant to perform preliminary due diligence on candidate properties you choose. A trustworthy consultant with extensive local knowledge will prove useful later on when negotiating the deal and acquiring the property.

  3. Gather the Deal Team

    If you are an investors who are still new to the hotel market, you will want to hire a professional property consultant to help you with acquisitioning a hotel or business. You should consider to have this team work for you include the following:


    Take one with long term and proven commercial experience that includes at least a few hotel properties. It is advisable to select an appraiser who has appraised either similar properties or properties in the market in question.


    You’ll want a seasoned professional organization with heavy commercial experience, like JULIZAR, that can help assemble the bid package and find the best hotels loan to match your requirements.

    Real Estate Broker

    A good broker brings buyers and sellers together, and facilitates completion of the sale. Expect to pay a percentage of the sale price as the broker fee, though most brokerage fees are paid by the seller. The agent may represent either the buyer or seller of property. The agent normally helps market a property and bring the seller and buyer together. Often the broker helps negotiate and facilitate the selling process.


    The accountant will ensure that funds are properly applied and that the seller has adequate reporting systems. They should also review the property’s books and records for any red flags determine whether funds have been properly applied and whether financial controls and reporting systems are adequate.

    Market And Financial Consultant

    The hotel consultant should prepare a study of market conditions, and they will work with your funding source to evaluate how the target property business will perform. As a market and financial consultant is called to ascertain how a property might perform and how to achieve desired profit or investment goals. The consultants will evaluate prevailing market conditions, prepare the business projections for both the market and the property. The market and financial consultant can also review and analyze revenues and expenses and assist in assembling the business plan.

    Lawyer/Legal Consultant

    You can choose an attorney specializing in the acquisition of hotels for sale and is familiar with local legal requirements. Attorneys specializing in hotel scope can help you to formulate the acquisition strategy and the game goals. They also can assist you in identifying and coordinating acquisition team members. finding out issues and advise on terms and structure of transactions. They also can assist with legal due diligence issues from the significance of pending or threatened litigation and regulatory matters to contracts and title issues. At least they also can help you with the preparation of any issues issues hotel management and franchise agreements, labor and employment, land use, entitlement and zoning, real estate, tax, corporate, environmental, trademark and other regulatory matters. In other situations litigation, bankruptcy, timeshare and other specialties may be critical.


    The architect and engineer should review the current property you want to buy as well as they will prepare the renovation plans. You have to choose the experts with experience evaluating at least one hotel for sale. If you want to renovate or upgrading of the property, the architect will be responsible to review the specifications of the property. The architect can coordinate all the activities of other team members who will be responsible for the physical property, such as the engineer and interior designer. The architect also can review the existing and potential compliance with all building structure as they apply to the existing property and as they will apply to any planned renovations.

  4. Assess Candidate Properties

    After you’ve screened the universe of offerings and weeded out the non-starters, you’ll want to arrange site visits or property inspections for the remaining candidates. After making the final decision, purchase or not purchase the property, commission a preliminary market and property analysis, then use all the information to select the primary target or eliminate un-potential candidate.

  5. Due Diligence

    In this step, your acquisition team finishes its due diligence of the physical property, operations, financials, title, environmental constraints, property tax and the market environment. However, the context of a hotel acquisition is “due diligence” and generally refers to the investigation conducted by a buyer of the hotel. Normally the investigation including both the physical asset as well as the operating business and the hotel facility. Also investigation include the relevant markets and environment. The output should validate the investor or buyers reasons to buy this hotel for sale. The estimate of potential earnings from the hotel should be as accurate as possible. This is so that you can confirm the final purchase price. A proper due diligence process minimizes the risk of unforeseen expenditures and other surprises. All financial statements should be audited. Furthermore, you should include a detailed history of capital expenditures on the hotel for the previous five years.

  6. Negotiate the Final Contract

    The final purchase and sale contract includes all conditions and terms of the transaction. The contract typically includes, but is not limited to: purchase price, deposits or earnest money, property and business assets being sold, due diligence findings, terms of financing, title commitment, employee issues, representations, warranties, covenants, indemnifications, prorations, adjustment and all materials related to the closing of hotels for sale.

  7. Closing the Deal

    The closing of a hotel transaction involves the actual transfer of title of the hotel from the seller to the buyer. The lawyer or legal consultant from both sides, seller and buyer will meet at the closing to execute the actual title transfer. Activities include the final accounting to allocate and prorate the property’s expenses and revenues, and a review of all physical items included in the purchase. Notes and mortgages are signed, money changes hands, and title is transferred to the buyer.

    Generally, when the buyer will either manage the hotel itself or bring in a new hotel operator, the closing coincides with the takeover of operations by the new operator. The parties to be present at a closing include:

    • Seller and seller’s attorney
    • Buyer and buyer’s attorney
    • Lender and lender’s attorney
    • Title company
    • Real estate broker