Business Opportunity: No. 1, Condotel Hotel Investment. As you know that Public interest in holidays is very high, especially if it is approaching the holidays. No wonder the hotel, condotel and lodging investment business is mushrooming in tourist destination areas. This vacation stay business is very promising and can be an opportunity for you to benefit from rental fees as well as get free lodging facilities if at any time you want it.

Understand the term condotel (condo hotel)

Condotel is an acronym for condotel. A condotel is similar to an apartment, a vertical building with a number of rooms for rent or sale in it. However, unlike apartments, condotels have complete facilities like hotels.

Condotel facilities usually include a swimming pool, gym station, bar or café, sauna or spa, jogging track and other facilities as a means of supporting the needs of condotel guests. The condotel, which has been purchased by investors, is still managed by the condotel, which rents out room units to visitors.

This is what distinguishes a condotel from an apartment. Apart from the more complete facilities and facilities to support the guests’ leisure, the operation of the condotel is left to the management of the condotel concerned. Simply put, a condotel is a hotel whose rooms are owned by individuals who are then rented out.

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity: Benefits of Condotel Hotel Investment

Business Opportunity: Benefits of Condotel Hotel Investment

With a variety of condotel facilities that are so complete, even exceeding the facilities of an apartment and matching the facilities of a star hotel, of course the price offered is also relatively higher. That is why this business opportunity for condotel investment is known as an investment with a relatively high price and long term.

Hearing the word “high price”, of course, makes us start to switch to other investments at relatively cheap prices. However, high prices are not an obstacle, but an opportunity for us, especially you as investors, because the selling price has skyrocketed from time to time. The promised profits will certainly not be worth the capital spent when this investment is successful.

Do you find it difficult to invest? Consider These Things before Investing in a Condotel Hotel

Through this article, you will be given an overview and also every consideration before finding business opportunity investing in a condotel so that the investment you make can be successful and get even greater profits. Apart from that, you can also avoid various disadvantages due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Get the Right Location

Land prices continue to skyrocket every year. But did you know that there is a state in the United States where the price of land is decreasing every year, even decreasing? A financial article of mine once described that by buying 1 smartphone for only Rp. 6 million rupiah, you can buy 5 houses in the area.

That is why, when investing in property, in this case condotel investment business opportunity is the right choice, we need to pay attention to the location where the condotel was built. This is a major factor in investing in property, because this factor will determine whether your investment is successful or not in the future.

To find out more details about the exact location of the condotel, of course you have to go directly and ask about various spatial plans in the area. This will affect the prediction of the estimated price and also the level of profit that you will get later. For example, if you want to buy a shop house, of course you have to make sure that the location is in the vicinity of residents’ homes or office areas.

If you want to fine business opportunity in property and run it as a boarding house business, you need to make sure that the location of your boarding house is in an office or campus area that is crowded with immigrants from out of town or even outside the island.

If you want to find business opportunity in property and run it as a boarding house business, you need to make sure that the location of your boarding house is in an office or campus area that is crowded with immigrants from out of town or even outside the island.

Likewise with condotel investment, when buying a condotel unit, you need to ensure the tourist facilities around the condotel.

Why you should business opportunity for condotel investment? For information, condotels are usually rented by guests who want to travel. One example of an island in Indonesia that is suitable for condotel investment is the island of Bali. Natural tourism as one of the beauty of the beach and also the cultural elements are thickly attached to each Hindu temple so as to captivate the hearts of tourists, both domestic and foreign. In addition, Yogyakarta, with its historical and natural attractions, can also be a target for condotel investment.

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