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South Jakarta, also often abbreviated as “South Jakarta”, is the second most populous city in DKI Jakarta after West Jakarta. The population density in this city reaches 15 thousand people / km2. The climate here, like most cities in Indonesia, is tropical. The average temperature in this city reaches 27.6 degrees Celsius.

South Jakarta is one of the most diverse cities in Indonesia, this city offers a wide variety of things ranging from skyscrapers, unique architecture, many events or activities, the availability of delicious restaurants ranging from local to foreign flavors as well as huge business opportunities. .

If you are looking for apartments for rent in South Jakarta, perhaps in Kuningan, Gandaria, Kemang or TB Simatupang is the right choice.

Looking for Apartment Rentals in South Jakarta

Did you know that South Jakarta is one of the most attractive administrative cities compared to other regions in all of Indonesia. South Jakarta has always been favored as an ideal residence location because of its good development between residences, offices and commercial areas. They have MRT station in Lebak Bulus to Bunderan Hotel Indonesia.

The number of apartments built in South Jakarta is also the largest compared to other areas in Jakarta. Districts such as Kemang, Gandaria, Senayan, TB Simatupang, and Kuningan are the most popular in South Jakarta.

Apartment Rentals in South Jakarta

Cheap Apartment in South Jakarta

For those of you who work in South Jakarta, living in apartments near offices can be an option for living practically without having to experience acute traffic jams in South Jakarta. Although most apartments in South Jakarta have relatively expensive in rental prices, due to their location and premium facilities, there are also apartments that are affordable and located close to CBD Kuningan, Sudirman and other business areas in South Jakarta. These re the apartments that you need to visit:

  1. Pakubuwono Terrace:If you are interested in renting a cheap apartment in South Jakarta, Pakubuwono Terrace cannot be missed from the list of apartments that you need to survey. This residence is located near the Jakarta Outer Ring Road toll gate, precisely on Jl. Ciledug Raya, Kebayoran Lama. This apartment offers facilities that are no less premium than South Jakarta apartments in general, such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, jogging track, food court, laundry, salon and many more.About the price is very affordable. You only need to pay IDR 3,500,000 to rent this cheap apartment. The cost details are as follows:Studio: IDR 3,500,000 / month
    1BR: IDR 4,000,000 / month
    2BR: IDR 4,600,000 / month
  2. Tamansari Semanggi:

    Tamansari Semanggi developed by PT. Wika Realty. This apartment not far from the main road Gatot Subroto. This is the best location in Jakarta and already know how strategic this area is as they called “Bunderan Semanggi”. The location is close to Plaza Semanggi, Lotte Shopping Avenue, and other shopping centers. There is also Siloam Hospital which can be reached in just a few minutes.

    How much does it cost to rent an apartment in this premium location? It’s not as big as you might think. The rental price for the Taman Sari Semanggi apartment is cheap, you can spend under IDR 5 million per month. The details are as follows:


    – Studio: IDR 4,750,000 / month
    – 1BR: IDR 7,000,000 / month
    – 2BR: IDR 10,000,000 / month

  3. The 18th Residence:

    If you work at Taman Rasuna, and are in need of affordable housing, you can stay at The 18th Residence apartment. The location of this apartment is on Jl. Rasuna Park, or inside the Rasuna Epicentrum complex. The distance is very close to public facilities such as Tebet Hospital, MMC, Kuningan City, Epicentrum Walk, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kota Kasablanka, etc.

    For the price, you can rent The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna apartment with prices starting from IDR 6,000,000 per month.

  4. Kalibata City Apartment:

    Kalibata City, the next cheap apartment in South Jakarta is Kalibata City. This apartment is offers a location and public facilities in the heart of Jakarta.

    There is also a BBQ area, 1.2 hectares of green land, a gym, a tennis court and others. All of that can be obtained with prices starting from IDR 3,000,000 per month. The details are as follows:

    – Studio: IDR 3,000,000 / month
    – 1BR: IDR 4,000,000 / month
    – 2BR: Rp3,760,000 / month
    – 3BR: Rp. 6,500,000 / month

  5. Pancoran Riverside:

    Pancoran Riverside can also be an alternative to apartments with cheap rental prices in South Jakarta. The location of this apartment is near Kalibata KRL Station, LIA Campus and Kalibata Mall. From here, residents can easily access important business areas in South Jakarta, such as MT Haryono, Sudirman, and Gatot Subroto.

    For the price, the Pancoran Riverside apartment only sets rental rates starting from IDR 2,500,000 per month for non-furnished 2BR units.

Favorite Residential Area for Expatriates in South Jakarta

There are several reasons why we find many expats living in South Jakarta.

First, South Jakarta has transformed into a business and economic center that is more advanced than the other four administrative regions in Jakarta.

Second, because most of the embassies in Indonesia are located in South Jakarta, such as in Sudirman and Setiabudi. Cultural tourism may not be too attractive here, but shopping tours in South Jakarta often attract foreign tourists to come shopping.


While in Indonesia, expatriates certainly need a comfortable residence that is strategically located, close to the offices or shopping centers they frequently visit. Here are some apartments that are often the target of expats in South Jakarta:

  1. 1 Park Residence:

    This apartment is located in Gandaria, South Jakarta, precisely 650 meters away from Gandaria City Mall. Most of the expats who inhabit 1 Park Residence are from Japan. They are facilitated by the presence of a Japanese restaurant in the apartment.

  2. Permata Hijau Residence:

    Unlike 1 Park Residence, most of the expatriates who live in Permata Hijau Residence are from South Korea. This apartment offers easy access to the Senayan CBD.
    Senayan Residence: The view towards Senayan Golf is one of the advantages of this apartment. Being one of the expats’ favorites because of the easy access to Senayan and Permata Hijau that this apartment offers.

  3. The 18th Residence Taman Rasuna:

    The location of this apartment is very close to the Rasuna Epicentrum complex. Many Indians inhabit this apartment.

  4. Casa Grande Apartments:

    Casa Grande Apartments are one of the luxurious residences located in the Tebet area. Its existence is integrated with office buildings and shopping centers. Access to Kuningan is also easy from here, so many expats are interested.

  5. Kemang Village:

    Expatriates are interested in staying in Kemang Village because this residence is in a superblock which is directly integrated with Lippo Mall Kemang. The number of entertainment venues and culinary tours around the apartment are also its main attractions.

Choosing the Right Residential In South Jakarta

When you want to rent a cheap apartment in South Jakarta, we certainly compare and browse many online pages to get the best deals and prices. You will realize that apartment rental prices in South Jakarta are definitely different from one another. It all depends on the location, the facilities offered and more.

To make it easier for you to choose the right apartment, you need to pay attention to several things before starting to sign a rental contract. The first is about the quality of the units available. Make sure the unit you choose meets what you need. If you have a family, you should choose the 2BR unit which has a wider size and has more rooms. The 2BR unit in Cassa Grande can be one of your considerations, because here, the 2BR unit can reach 80 m2 and the 3BR unit 163 m2. Suitable for those of you who already have one to three children. Those of you who are single can occupy a studio or 1BR unit. At Taman Ambassade Residence, the choice of these units is very large and for studio and 1BR units, the sizes reach 33 m2 to 42 m2.

Apart from the size of the unit, you also need to consider the facilities available in the unit. The fully furnished unit is intended for those of you who do not want to bother about moving furniture from your old residence. This unit is also suitable if you want to stay for a long time. On the other hand, a non-furnished unit is suitable for those of you who don’t need a lot of items and want a very affordable unit.

Not only unit facilities, apartment facilities should not go unnoticed. Make sure the apartment you live in has provided everything you need, from entertainment to fulfillment needs. Do you like sports? Don’t worry, almost all apartments in South Jakarta already have a swimming pool and gym which residents can use for free.

Another factor that you need to pay attention to in renting cheap apartments in South Jakarta is the location factor. Choose a strategic apartment location, close to shopping centers, major roads to offices. FX Residence and Residence 8 Senopati are two examples of apartments that have strategic locations. It is very close to the Gelora Bung Karno stadium and FX Sudirman.

How to rent an apartment in South Jakarta

In the past, searching for apartments in South Jakarta could be done through property agents or directly contacting the apartment inhouse marketing. Now technology have change the habits of searching for ideal apartment can be done online.

You only need an internet connection then you will be able to rent the apartment you want. The problem is, not all photos of apartment units on the internet are of good quality and representative. Sometimes the photos that appear are not clear.

ERA JULIZAR is the best long-term apartment rental specialist marketplace as well as hotel dijual or hotel for sale platfor in Indonesia. This startup can help those of you who want speed and convenience in finding an apartment, house, hotel, villa and business for sale.

Not only quality and representative service, you can also contact the agent or apartment owner directly, get assistance when visiting the unit, to ease the process of apartment rental payments. ERA Julizar have many professional agents who help you to find the property. The most interesting side of this company is managed by JULIZAR, the biggest crowdfunding property in Indonesia of most well know as “urun dana properti

Another advantage of JULIZAR is the freedom to investors to invest at any amount they want. They can also can buy property with crowdfunding scheme.

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Cheap Monthly Apartment Rentals in South Jakarta

Nowadays, the duration of renting an apartment in South Jakarta is more flexible. Not only annual rent, apartments can also be rented monthly. This monthly apartment rental in Jakarta can help those of you who want to settle in an apartment in a not too long period of time.

To find a monthly apartment rental in South Jakarta more easily and practically, you can use the ERA JULIZAR website. The apartments listed here can be rented on a monthly basis (6 months), so they can be tailored to your needs.

This company provides monthly rental apartments in South Jakarta and offers apartment units that have been carefully verified. In addition, all equipment and information related to apartment units are presented fairly, honestly, without being covered up, starting from the visual of the apartment, the completeness of the unit, a brief explanation, apartment supporting facilities, to the unit price range.

Apartment In South Jakarta

Annual Apartment Rentals in South Jakarta

Not only rent monthly apartments in South Jakarta, apartment rentals in South Jakarta can also be done annually. By renting annually, you can get several advantages over short-term leases, such as lower prices, lock in prices, and secure the unit.

The longer you rent an apartment unit, the cheaper the unit price will be. With a cheaper rental price, maybe you can allocate these costs to save or buy dream items that have not yet been realized.

By renting a long-term apartment, you can avoid price increases in certain seasons. You have locked the occupancy price so you don’t have to spend more to rent an apartment unit.

By renting a monthly apartment in South Jakarta, you have the opportunity to ‘evict’ other potential tenants, given the increasing trend of apartment enthusiasts. For example, if you rent long-term, per year for example, you will get the peace that your unit will be safe from market competition.

How Much Apartment Rental Prices in South Jakarta?

Prices vary widely depending on location, but it is not uncommon for you to find rental prices for South Jakarta apartments for 2 million per month for studio types. You can consider renting Kalibata City Apartments, Pancoran Riverside, Kebagusan City, Tamansari Semanggi, and Bintaro Park View. In strategic and well-known areas, such as Kuningan, Kemang, Senopati and Gandaria, you will see apartment rental prices are more expensive than other areas in South Jakarta, starting from Hamptons Park, Kemang Village Apartment, Kuningan City Denpasar Residence, Residence 8 Senopati, Verde Apartment, to Essence Darmawangsa. The difference in cost is influenced by location, facilities and ease of access to public transportation.

In addition, several apartments in South Jakarta are favorites for expatriates for residential. Residence 8 Senopati, 1 Park Residence, and L’Avenue are some of the popular apartments in South Jakarta, especially for expats from abroad, especially for citizens of Korea, Japan, and Europe.

South Jakarta Apartment Rental Information

  • Unit Type: Studio, 1BR, 2BR and 3 + BR
  • Best price: Starting from IDR 5,000,000 / month
  • Payment: Montly/anually
  • Condition: There are Full Furnished, Semi Furnished and Unfurnished

Things You Must Do in South Jakarta

In fact, there is a huge selection of great places in this city that you can visit to do fun things. Maybe you will think that the only exciting things in Jakarta are when you come to a mall, watch a movie and then eat at a delicious restaurant afterwards. But did you know that South Jakarta also has other cool places that you can’t lose if you visit.

For those of you who like history, you can visit the Satria Mandala Museum which is located on Jalan Gatot Subroto. This museum presents a collection of war weapons such as tanks, missiles, sharp bamboo and even tanks. Turning into Pondok Labu, you will find the Kite Museum. In this museum you will see a very large and varied collection of kites, ranging from small and large kites, traditional ones, to even kites from remote areas in Indonesia and abroad.

Then, on holidays, instead of taking your family or friends to the mall, you can visit Ragunan Wildlife Park and Ragunan Orchid Park which are located in Ragunan. Here you can see various types of animals ranging from reptiles, birds, mammals and others. And did you know that Ragunan Zoo is the zoo with the cheapest entrance ticket in the world.

You want to hunt for food? There are lots, lots and lots of good restaurants in South Jakarta. From local to international restaurants, everything is in this city. Several places such as Kemang, Blok M, Gandaria City Mall and Senopati are favorite places when talking about culinary in South Jakarta.