7 Hotel Trends to Watch Out for Your Investment. The future is approaching. The pandemic has forced a major change in our ways of life, including how we stay in hotels and what to look for in our rooms. You as a hotel investor should watch out these trends because it will affect your revenues stream and profit in the future.

There are the 7 hotel trends in 2020:

  1. Going Green
  2. Alternative Accommodations
  3. Design Differentiation
  4. Smart Rooms
  5. Different Workforce
  6. Future Technology
  7. Guests Changing Preferences

Going Green, Hotel Trends for Eco-Travelers

Going green is no longer a sweet talk in near future. It is a way of life. People will focus on environment sustainability. Reuse towels suggestion is just the first step. Picture this: treatment water for your shower and toilets, led lights in all space, solar generating power and motion sensor equipment to make sure no waste of power. These are the investment made by hotels.

Guests can also participate in promoting the green lifestyle. Waste recycle bins will be placed for recyclable items such as plastics and paper. There will be no plastic anywhere including water bottles and straw, shampoo and soap bottles. Skipping housekeeping services including not changing your bedsheets everyday will be included in your green list. Yes, all these while you keep paying the same charges.

More fanatic hotels even limit meat in their F&B and offer meat alternatives. Meat is one of the most contributing factors in green house effect due to methane that they are producing. Meat is also a huge part in hotels’ F&B inventories. “No Meat” hotels can just be avoided by traditional guests, but be very attractive for eco-travelers.

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Alternative Accommodation, Can It Still Be Called Hotels?

If you are travelling solo or you are foreign workers, you might want to live in accommodation other than hotels. Co-living space allows you to work and stay but still gaining experience from interaction with new people. Homestay usually worked for students or backpackers. But now homestay is a new way of travelling and includes wider options such as an entire apartment, luxurious homes, treehouses and more.

Hotel Pods is also a hotel trend not to be missed. Pods only require small space and usually located in the prime area. It is very attractive for people that want to explore the world rather than vacationing in the traditional sense. It gives you a space to sleep, but not much else. It may be similar to youth hostels, but with a lot of privacy and high-end technologies.

Design Differentiation

Instagram is huge these days. It allows the users to show where they are, what they have been doing and much more. But it also useful to promote your hotels, especially if your hotel is “instagrammable”, a new word that means the spot is photogenic and nice to see.

Different design for your hotels can also mean how you build your hotels. Hotels made from reclaimed woods or unused containers can be attractive. Green hotels, full with vegetation can also be an option. There are also hotels that display local arts and products in their design.

Smart Rooms, Hotel Trends that Allow Guests to Experience the Internet of Things

The internet of things means our everyday life is connected by the internet. We turn on our lights just by a click at our mobile phone. Want the room to be cool when we enter? Easy, just turn it on before you get to the hotel. Keycard? It is obsolete. Now your mobile will open your door for you.

Hotel Trend Smart Rooms

Smart rooms mean that the guests will be given access to control what happen in their rooms. From the lights to temperature and music played. Your hotel services will also be accessed from their tablets. Hungry in the middle of the night? Just scroll on the menus and click on it. Ten minutes later, room service will deliver your hot meals.

More modern hotels step up even higher. They install sophisticated things such as smart mirrors. It combines a TV screen and a guest room mirror. You can even call your concierge by video chat in your mobiles.

Different Workforce, Hotel Trends that Resulting from Being Global

If you travel to developed countries, you will see that their workforce are not local. They are young people from all over the world who wants to experience being the “citizen of the world” while still keeping their savings safe. Hotel operators should be sensitive with this trend as it means different rules are applied, including employment contracts.

Future Technology

More and more A.I. technologies are absorbed including in hotel industry. Do not be surprise if you see your hotel pricing strategies are being controlled by A.I. Guests are able to “modify” their room price according to their needs and check-in if they are satisfied.

Changing Preferences

If old-style hotel guests look for comfort in things such as soft and fluffy beds, guests now are more interested in experience offered. They are not looking for sitting all day watching TV and swimming in hotel pools. They want to explore the culture surrounding the hotels.

How can your hotels change to cope with these trends? Only you can answer that.